Larry’s Honolulu Marathon Race Report

Well, get me my moo-moo, make a pitcher of mai tais and call me a Honolulu Marathon finisher!
And, believe me, no one more than I is surprised.  I trained for and finished the Long Beach half-marathon in October, and the farthest I’ve run since then is 11 miles so I started out at 5 a.m. this morning looking forward to having a good time stopping off at Denny’s for a Grand Slam breakfast if the mood so struck me.
At mile 13, I was feelin’ good so I kept going.  At mile 17, I still felt pretty good other than needing to make some “adjustments”; at mile 20, it struck me as being ridiculous to stop so, at that point, I just kept going and before I knew it, I crossed the finish line!
Did I PR (personal record)?  No, but for anyone hoping to do so, the Honolulu Marathon is definitely not the ticket. 
Having now completed two marathons, my “expert” opinion tells me Honolulu is a slow one –from the course to the temperature to the participants but, ultimately, I had a good time, I’m still alive to talk about it and, hello, I’m in Hawaii!
Thanks to anyone and everyone who motivates and inspires me on a daily basis by being who you are on the way to becoming whom you hope to be!
My friend, Becky, arrived today, and we now have thoughts of doing a Hawaiian themed Christmas on her Internet radio show Friday night, the 22nd of December.  I’ll keep you posted.
With much love, maholo,

Larry – Beach Runners’ Sergeant at Arms & Member


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