LA Marathon Daily Tip #3 of 5

I firmly believe in bodywork. I am seeing my bodywork mentor Lenny Parracino every week now before the LA Marathon and Catalina Marathons. As Lenny says, “Soft tissue work is like dental flossing for your muscles and all other connective tissue. You wouldn’t skip dental flossing, so as an endurance athlete, and the amount of time you put in training, your soft tissues to get worked. Why wouldn’t you get bodywork.”

Well, I know some of your answers; it is expensive or I don’t have the time. Well, Lance Armstrong got bodywork after almost every workout when he was in serious training mode or racing. I just wrote a check for $500 and said, “Let’s keep booking weekly appointments and let me know when it is running out.” I know I have to invest in my body because hey, I’m getting older and I train quite a bit.

Pre-Race – A nice relaxing Swedish, without too much deep tissue work is great. Thursday, Friday or Saturday are prime days for this. If you have one scheduled Saturday make it very relaxing, a painful massage may do more harm than good. I also get a pedicure early in my race week. I gotta show my tootsies some love.

Race-Day – A quick stimulating massage is perfect. These are only a few minutes long to stimulate the blood flow to the muscles and other soft tissues you’ll be using during the race. It also loosens you up. I’ll be out there and if you ask me, depending on how much time is available, I’ll work on you for free! Call it Karma.

Post-Race – I have read different opinions on when after your race you should get a massage. Well I won’t have my table with me, so if you can manage the lines they offer massages at the finish line. An easy 20-minute session is great. If they’ll work on your feet too (they can get kinda gross after 26.2 miles), better for you.

Sometime over the next week, while you are recovering, a thorough full body massage is a great idea. I’ve been training in very specialized sports massage techniques over the last year and I’ll offer a special post race 1-hour “Runner’s Massage” for the one-time price of $60, normally $75 Email Steve for an appointment if you come to me, in South Pasadena. This special “Runner’s Massage” that I have developed, spends most of the hour on your lower body, and at least 15 minutes just on your feet. Your feet probably need it the most because they will have just run close to 40,000 steps.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel, Certified Massage Therapist


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