LA Marathon 2012 – Sole Runners and Sites of Los Angeles

Los Angeles based Running Coach Steve Mackel was out videoing participants and the course at the 2012 LA Marathon. This video gives you and idea what to expect, the people you’ll meet, and the fun you can have.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not register for this race because i had 50 runners participating that I wanted to support on the course. I didn’t bandit this race either. I brought all my own supplies and only took four cups of water from water stations. The chili cheese dog at mile 5 was provided by the Chili Cheese Dog Society, not an official part of the LA Marathon. I also provided our Sole Runners’ Holistic Aid Station at Mile 18, which we gave food, drinks, treated minor injuries and supported hundreds if not thousands of runners. I did not cross the finish line or get a finisher’s medal.

The 2002 LA Marathon was my first marathon. 10 years later, a new route, a few different race management companies and the best weather, my home town was a shining star. We ran by or through most everything that you would want to see in LA.

If I had crossed the finish line my time would have been over 7 hours because I helped our volunteers at the Sole Runners Holistic Aid Station for two hours before getting back out on the course. Running with the “Back of the Packers” is always a humbling experience. These people are tough. And a special thank you goes out to all the volunteers that stayed out for over 7 hours helping the runners.

I Love LA

Train Focused, Chi Running Coach, Steve Mackel


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