Jim get the foot landing right for 26.2 miles

Jim shows off his ChiRunning form in the final stretch of The Long Beach International City Bank Marathon

Below is another great testimonial for the Beach Runner Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program. The best part is the picture because you can tell he is going to land mid-foot compared to the foot next to him that is a big heel strike and check out the nice lean. Jim really focused his runnning practice with us this year. ChiRunning® in practice.

Steve & Gary

Thanks for the fantastic training program. The marathon was perfect in every way. Good weather, good friends and a great party afterwards. I want to share my “before Chi and after Chi” experience with you.

“Before Chi” – I ran the Los Angeles marathon with a time of 6 hr and 15 minutes. I cramped up during the race and had to walk part of it. After the race I could hardly walk and suffered from Planters Fasciitis. It took me about two months to recover. I trained harder and ran the Las Vegas Marathon and finished in 5 hr and 15 minutes. I cramped up in the race again and could hardly walk after the race. I hyper-extended my left leg and sprained my medial collateral ligament in my right leg. I was in therapy for three months. After all of these problems I decided not to run anymore full marathons.

“After Chi” – I signed up for Chi Running lessons and the Long Beach half marathon because I wanted someone to run with. I thought the “run injury free” was just a sales gimmick to get people to sign up for the program. After running 24 miles in practice I felt very good and signed up for the full marathon. I completed the marathon in 4 hours and 48 minutes. The best part was that my legs did not hurt after the race. Chi running does work.

Check out the attached picture. After 26 miles, Uncle Sam still had the lean.


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