I Just Signed Up for the Topanga Turkey Trot – Earn Your Bird

Well, I pulled the trigger and signed up for the 2012 Topanga Turkey Trot today and just in time. There were only 30 spots left for the Topanga Turkey Trot 15k on Thanksgiving Day. They offer a 10k and a 5k as well.

This 15k is a beautiful course all on trails. It starts out very steep then moves on to a single track that you get stuck in your place in the line. Around mile 5 it opens up on to dirt road, I think it is dirt Mulholland. And, it rolls, if you can call steep up and down hills rolling until the last mile which is straight downhill.

There was a pancake breakfast last year but the main reason I run this race or any race on Thanksgiving Day is to “Earn My Bird.” When I finish I can eat all I want without feeling guilty, even though I rarely feel guilty.

If you are looking for a fun race in the Santa Monica Mountains, quickly register for any of the Topanga Turkey Trot races. Gobble Gobble and see you there.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Newton Natural Running Coach


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