Holistic Nutritional Webinar for Runners a week from Monday – FREE details below

From Coach Steve Mackel and Coach Gary Smith:

Dear Runners and Athletes,

The Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Program teamed up with two world class health experts Gary Null and Luanne Pennesi, to create a holistic performance nutritional protocol for runners “Performing YourBest…Naturally.”

And the best thing is…for a limited time only…we’re offering this for FREE to the running community. Yeah…no cost to you…we’re on a good old fashioned health crusade. You deserve to be 100% healthy. You just need the right information and coaching. That’s where we come in…

With this program…you’ll learn to be HEALTHY in all aspects of your life…NUTRITION, EXERCISE, LIFESTYLE, MIND, AND SPIRIT.

This is a five week program that will help any runner or athlete…no matter where you are in ability/experience…to begin the process of performing at your peak.

You’ll learn a health/nutrition protocol that you can use immediately for:

  • Powering up your cells for energy during the day and
    on your runs.
  • Balancing your bodies healing energies to reduce
    inflammation and recover after exercise.
  • Firing up your motivation to stay on track with your
    training program.
  • Detoxing your body, for optimum health and athletic

This protocol is based on Null’s and Pennesi’s extensive background in the natural health field over the last thirty years.

As world class athletes, both Null and Pennesi have coached thousands of individuals to turn their health around and begin living a fitter more productive life, filled with vitality. They save people’s lives…often reversing chronic diseases the medical establishment has no answer for.

For a limited time only…we are offering this unique program to you FREE of no charge.


Week One
“Getting Started”
Monday May 25th
6-7 P.M. PDT
Getting started on a Performance Protocol.
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Week Two
“No More Excuses”
Monday, June 1st
6-7 P.M. PDT
Staying on a protocol.
Making the decision and the commitment to change.
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Week Three
“Performance Nutrition”
Monday, June 8th
6-7 P.M. PDT
Recovery/Athletic for training and performing at your best.

Week Four
“Supplementing Performance”
Monday, June 15th
6-7 P.M. PDT
Supplements needed to boost performance.
The importance of relaxation/meditation

Week Five
“Race Day Nutrition”
Monday, June 22nd
6-7 PST
Pre race preparation/nutrition.
Race day strategies/nutrition.
Post race recovery.

To be reminded of the show dates…be sure to do two things
a. Leave your name and email address above
b. Print out this page and put it up where you can see it.


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