Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training

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MarathonTraining.TV – training system using Yoga and the ChiRunning® techniques.


How long is a marathon and half marathon? What marathons are we training for?
A marathon is 26.2 miles and the half marathon is 13.1 miles. We will be training for Long Beach, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and others

What’s involved in the training?
Every Saturday, starting May 23, we will meet for a group run at Marina Vista Park, Long Beach at 7:00 A.M. We will start off each Saturday will a quick discussion on important topics related to successfully completing your marathon. Topics will include hydration, nutrition, shoes, clothing and more. We go out on our run and finish each Saturday with an optional yoga session. You will receive a training schedule that lists at least two other runs of 30-60 minutes per week and some cross training. You are expected to train on your own or with friends during the week.

Do I need to be in shape to train with the Sole Runners? Is there a Pre-season?
No, we specialize in working with beginners. We take more people off the couch and get them running and walking. And, between the yoga and ChiRunning® we train you smarter and reduce your chance for injury. Starting Saturday, April 25, we will start a Pre-season training for anyone who is wants a head start or just get training again. We will meet for a group run at Marina Vista Park, Long Beach at 7:00 A.M

Do we have to show up every Saturday?
No, you will have a training schedule. If you miss a Saturday, you will know what you have to do. In fact, some people are doing this program virtually and might not ever come to a training session but will run with our team the day of the Spring Marathon of their choice.

How long will the Saturday runs take?
The program is broken into four phases. The first 8 weeks should take 2.5 hours or less each Saturday. Weeks 9-18 will depend on the recommended time/mileage and your training pace. After 8 weeks you will know better and we will help you plan appropriately at that time.

Where do we run and what support is provided?
Many of our training runs are on the streets, bike paths and streets of Long Beach. We provide sports drink at the beginning and end of each Saturday training, Clif Shots, Clif Blocs and other goodies. Even with numerous water fountains and bathrooms along the training routes, we strongly encourage participants to train with a hydration system. Understanding your own nutritional needs during a race takes practice and we ask you to bring what you need to eat, so on race day you already know what works best for you.

What is MarathonTraining.TV and ChiRunning? Do we run, walk or both?
The MarathonTraining.TV is an internet driven training system that uses a proven training regimen. ChiRunning is a running technique based on biomechanics and efficiency. We will work on specifics focuses associated with the MarathonTraining.TV principles and ChiRunning® techniques each week and developing your best running practice. The primary focus will be running but we encourage you to walk when your body tells you too. We would like you to try at least combining running and walking. We do have participants that walk. It is a small group yet they receive that same benefits of the program and training in a group. Some of our walker have incorporated easy jogging into their training.

Do I have to use ChiRunning?
No, we recognize individual preferences yet we will be coaching the ChiRunning techniques. You can run with your own form, and we think you may want incorporate some of the well thought out principles of ChiRunning, even though you continue with your personal running form.

Are there going to be timed pace groups?
A MarathonTraining.TV principle is no timed pace groups. We believe that pace groups limit potential speed and increase chance for injury because people stop listening to their bodies in order to keep with their pace group. We teach participants to become more aware of their body while running, according to how it feels. After a few group runs, people that run similar paces usually end up running together. Running with different people is a great way to make new friends and work on your form with others. Last year, we had people training from a 3:10:00 marathon pace to a 6:45:00 pace

What do we get from this program?
A 21-week professionally coached training program, one hour group ChiRunning lesson ($75 value), Sole Runners technical training shirt, “ChiRunning” book by Danny Dreyer, weekly training articles, sponsor discounts and more. You pay for the marathon or half marathon you want to run in.

Can I still go to the gym and lift weights and can we do any other activities besides run?
Absolutely, and if you are already on a fitness program, please continue. Cross training is encouraged. If you have any question about your program, I will be happy to discuss them with you.

How do I join when is the first day to sign-up and the cost?
Registration is open now and the cost is $150. Click Here to Register

What other support will we receive?
Besides receiving weekly emails discussing the past week and the current weeks training focuses. You will also receive numerous tips relating to successfully completing a marathon. You will be able to email Coach Steve and Coach Gary with your questions (within reason). If you want additional help we can discuss private or group training sessions at an additional cost.

Where are the directions to where we meet each week?
We will meet at Marina Vista Park by Marine Stadium in Long Beach. There is free parking on the street. There are public restrooms and a grassy area for our yoga. Look for us between the baseball diamond and the tennis courts Find Location

How do I stay in the Group Coaching Marathon Training information loop?
Join It’s free! The easy sign-up form is in the upper center of the main web page.

Who is my primary contact?
Steve Mackel, CHt, Certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking Coach, USA Triathlon Coach
MarathonTraining.TV Head Coach and Program Director (818) 414.9181