GiveFoward is a Great Way to Help a Charity

I just got this email and would love some of our members to raise some money with this website.


Dear Steve and Gary,

I just stumbled across your website today.  I recently ran the Rose Bowl half marathon in December and wish I had seen the Marathon.TV tip on the running the hills ahead of time.  Would have helped…

Overall, it looks like you guys have a great thing going on over at SoCal Running  I love the sense of community you have with the site and I really like what you had to say about MLK.  Plus the Kool and Fit “commercial” in the Catalina Marathon video was hilarious.

Anyway, the reason I am writing is because I recently started a fundraising website called that provides individuals with free personal fundraising pages (like a Team in Training page) to raise money online for charity and other good causes.  Given the nature of your running community (body, mind, and spirit) I thought GiveForward might be something that is of interest to some of your runners.

Although we just launched, we’ve been getting great feedback from runners so far.  We’ve found that a lot of people love the idea that they can raise money for good causes without necessarily having to join one of the big programs like Team in Training.

One of the greatest things about our site is that people can run for whatever cause is most important to them.  It doesn’t even have to be a non-profit (e.g. I currently have a page set up to start a scholarship fund for my friend’s two-year-old daughter).

We are going to be working with a few different running groups participating in the LA and Seattle Rock and Roll marathons and I was hoping some of the members of your community might be interested as well.

Here are some examples of fundraising pages on the site  so you can see for yourself how GiveForward works.

My page: (Lots of bells and whistles)

One of our users’ pages: (No bells and whistles but still raising a TON of money)

Obviously not everyone wants to run for a charity.  But if you think this is something that could be beneficial for even a few of your runners, please feel free to contact us and I can give you more information.  We’re just getting started, so any time we can get people to spread the word for us, we are really grateful.  Thanks!  Oh, and just so you know, using our site won’t cost you guy or your runners anything.  It’s FREE!!

Best of luck with the training and hope to hear back from you soon.


Ethan Austin
Co-Founder and Chief Fundraising Coach


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