Marathon Training with Coach Gary: Mental Training with Jedi Mind Tricks

Yes back by popular demand…

The feedback from last weeks show was so overwhelming…I had to do it again…

In this show I focus on teaching you how to use your mind to finish your marathon or half marathon.
This is a really good talk for beginning marathoners to listen to as so much of your performance is mental.

So of the topics that I cover are…
– How prepare mentally for your long run
– How to think positive while running
– Ways to improve your breathing even when tired
– Tricks that you can use to keep your body going even when you are tired

Oh, yeah, there’s a little dancing also…

Coach Gary


One Response to “Marathon Training with Coach Gary: Mental Training with Jedi Mind Tricks”

  1. Dee on August 23rd, 2008

    Thanks for all the great information and motivation! Keep up the webcasts!! My favorite part is the dancing!!!

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