Gary’s “Moderate” PV Trail Run

Sunday, Jan. 28, Gary lead six of us on the trails of the Palos Verdes hills. It was a first for all of us except Gary. members included Brandon, Pat, Weitze, Chad, Gary and myself. We started out with ChiRunning® “Body Looseners” and a quick discussion about ChiRunning® hill running techniques.

About the run, I forget who yelled it first, “I thought this was suppose to be MODERATE!” Well it started out moderately INSANE. First was a very steep paved road to get to the trailhead, followed by a downhill section. We were all excited to be on the trail and in nature.

Then we hit our first really steep hill. It was early and we were feeling strong. The trail kept going up and getting steeper. Add to that loose dirt and rocks, our trail run turned into a hike. I could feel the back of my calves stretch with each step. It was a difficult section that lasted about 1/2 hour. At the top of this section, Brandon who is just getting back into the running mode, decided to flip it here.

After that the trail continued uphill and was more manageable. Much of it was single track in brush head high. It was really cool. We got to the top and took the picture above.

Now, it was time for the downhill, Gary’s specialty. We decided to run fire roads the way down. Practicing our ChiRunning® downhill skills, we did our best to keep up with Gary.

We hooked up at the bottom of the fire road and ran at leisurely pace for about a mile back to the car. The total run time was around 1:40:00 and my guess is about 7 miles. The view from the top was great and being out in nature was an awesome way to get in some high quality training.

If you are available this, Super Bowl Sunday morning, join us in Pasadena. I promise this weekend’s trail run be easier, more moderate. We will run along a creek with a few crossing. For more info Click Here.

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