Gary’s Birthday Party Recap

Gary and His Fantastic Birthday Cake

We used Gary’s Birthday as an excuse to carbo-load on Wednesday night and it was a great party. Why not, the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon is less than 10 days away. We met at Buono’s, the official restaurant of the Beach Runners, for a couple drinks, pastas, salads, pizza and cake.

The two highlights of the night were Gary’s poem and seeing a bunch of people that I typically only see in running clothes, dressed up. It is always fun to see you fellow runners out of shorts, tank tops and running hats. We had a great turn out, over 60 people and the vibe was awesome. It is great to be a Beach Runner. If you are not a Beach Runner yet, the new Fall/Winter program starts Saturday, November 10, Click here for Beach Runners info

Special thanks to Gwendolyne for helping set this party up and getting such a great cake.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel Beach Runners Head Coach

Cecila, Steve, Barb, Joe, Gary, Elousia and Karla Stayed Late


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