Free – “Yoga for Runners” at Lululemon in Pasadena

yoga w steve
Steve Leads a Group of Runners Through a Yoga Class

Tonight and most Thursdays at 6:30 PM at the Lululemon store in Old Town Pasadena, Yoga for Runners. The store address is, 110 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105 and it is FREE!We practice our yoga on the back patio. Two weeks ago it was packed. We had a lot of runners. It was very warm that night but it may not be that warm tonight. Please dress in warm clothes that you can move freely in. Lululemon sells really cool yoga clothes too.

My goal is to follow in my coach, Steve Ilg’s footprints, “strength before flexibility.” The class is challenging yet great for new yogis (beginners). We practice mostly basic postures. You don’t have to be a pretzel person or super flexible to gain the benefits of Yoga for Runners. You will gain flexibility, strength and a better body/mind connection if you continue to practice yoga. That’s why Gary and I preach yoga as one of the best cross-training workout for all athletes. It also makes us more aware ChiRunners.

Train Focused and Namaste, Steve Mackel – Yogi 


2 Responses to “Free – “Yoga for Runners” at Lululemon in Pasadena”

  1. Linda Lou on November 30th, 2007

    Yogi Steve,
    Wow, what an incredible class tonight!
    Having never been to a formal yoga class, only practicing on my own this was a dream come true. Loved the fact that the class was outside! Did a ten minute session of Chi Kung before the class to prepare and get energized. Your class had a great energy.What a bonus to have sushi after the class! Yummy 🙂
    Look forward to next week.
    Thank you very much, I had an amazing time!
    Good to see you.
    Linda Lou

  2. Bernice (or "Bernie" as Steve would call me) on November 30th, 2007

    Hi Steve! The yoga last night was great! And it was jam packed. I would bring more friends but we don’t have space. Maybe we need to rent the parking lot at the back of Lululemon? See you on Thursday!