Free – The Red 11’s, My Band Made Up of All Runners, Plays T. Boyle’s Tavern in Pasadena Wednesday, July 28, 9 PM


The Red 11’s is an all runner band and the band I play in. We play at T. Boyles 9 PM, this Wednesday in Pasadena. Every member in the band is a runner and triathlete.

If you wonder how we got our name, well it had to do with running. If you have ever seen a guy that forgot Body Glide® and seen the red streaks down the front of his shirt, you can guess where we got the band name.

We play covers and have fun. T Boyles is in the alley behind the theater. Come join us Wendnesday. Directions to T. Boyles in Pasadena.

Play Focused, Steve Mackel Red 11’s Bass Player


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