Four health changes can prolong life 14 years – Yahoo! News

People who drink moderately, exercise, quit smoking and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables each day live on average 14 years longer than people who adopt none of these behaviors, researchers said on Tuesday.

Four health changes can prolong life 14 years – Yahoo! News

Interesting research article from England.

What is important is that even SMALL CHANGES in your lifestyle now have profound effects for the longevity of your life.

This is principle of COMPOUNDING. We’re all familiar with this from debt or interest payments, i.e the more you invest the more money you make.

So what are the four changes you can make TODAY for a longer life?

1.  Quit Smoking. The number one thing you can do to improve your health. Hey it ain’t easy. I smoked for close to ten years. (Bet you didn’t know THAT!). Get some help. Give me a call. Maybe I might even do a teleseminar on this one day. (Email me if you’re interested).

But this has me thinking that maybe the health of our lungs is the most important part of our body. Which means no pot smoking, no cigars, and minimizing exposure to air pollution (no easy task here in San Pedro or Long Beach).

2.  Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables. At a MINIMUM! Gary Null suggests to eat 10-15 servings a day. Which is quite easy to do if you use a superfood green powder and JUICE.

This morning I already had a green juice of Kale, celery, radish, carrot, apple, onion, and ginger. And am eating a grapefruit right now. Will soon eat a pear.

3. Moderate drinking. That’s like 1-2 drinks a day. Preferably red wine. Hey Jack Lelane has one glass of the red vino day, and if Jack at 90 is drinking that, I reckon it’s okay.

There seems to be quite a bit of research that indicates moderate consumption of 1-2 drinks a day can actually be beneficial for your health…lowers cholesterol…relaxes the body…keeps you happy.

Personally I have now gone close to nine months without a drink of alcohol. And feel great.

So it’s clear…either no or light or moderate drinking is key for your health.

4. Exercise. For all of you that are part of the SoCalRunning community that is no problem. You run. You come join us in yoga. You’re keeping the body active.

Keep up these activities for the upcoming year everyone. You can do it!


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