Fleet Feet Sports Burbank – Another Running Shoe Store Choice for Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and East Valley

I get an email and tweet from Colin, the owner, telling me about Media Day at Fleet Feet Sports Running Shoe Store in Burbank last Friday. By luck I was giving a ChiRunning® follow-up lesson in Griffith Park. Mark and I had just finished a great 6 mile run on the horse trails when I remembered Colin’s invitation. I was around the corner from this new store so I thought I would stop by.

The store is located at 1516 West Magnolia Blvd. The store is clean with a decent selection of shoes, socks, running clothes, gels, hydration systems, watches, orthotics, foam rollers, myofascial tools, running bras and they even had some yoga mats. I sure I forgot something in there but if you need it they likely have it. You can always call first 818-238-9522.


Since coming back from the running workshop in Boulder, I have new ideas on shoe fitting. So, I had Colin go over his process and fit me. He is knowledgeable and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s going to force you into a shoe you might not want. Believe me it happens all the time. They want to get you into a shoe you are happy with and I liked their process.

Next we went over to the shoe wall and looked over the selection. If you have been reading this blog you know I prefer “Transitional” shoes (lower heel drop) to “Traditional” running shoes. The selection at Fleet Feet Sports in Burbank is a little thin on “Transitional” and “Minimal” shoes.

I was looking for a new trail shoe, something I might wear hiking up Mt Whitney in six weeks. I am still looking at the Brooks Cascadia but he had the Saucony Pergrine in stock and I have always been interested in that shoe. As we were talking, he told me about the Saucony Kinvara, trail edition. I own 3 pairs of Kinvaras so I asked him to order me a pair in size 12. Yes, they will special order shoes for you too. I choose the Trail Kinvaras because they are so lite (maybe not the best for Mt Whitney but for all my other trail running and races they should work great.

One thing Colin mentioned that caught my attention was their running bra fitting. I know it is very important for women runners, or so I’ve been told, but I haven’t seen signs helping women choose the right running bra in stores before. Maybe I just missed them but this sign was prominently displayed. Colin also told me they try to keep a female staff member in the store most of the time to help women runners. I am going in to shoot a video of the process. Maybe one day I will be a running bra expert too. I know, I have a tough job.

Fleet Feet Burbank also works on serving the local community with FREE  yoga classes, group run and they put on some cool, little, local pub runs. To check the current event schedule Click Here

It’s a newer store. They are growing and working around their customers needs. They are expanding in shoe selection with Newtons arriving next month. They have a professional staff.

As, runners we all need good, local running shoe stores. I always get my running shoes at running shoe stores rather than sporting goods stores. You need time to try the shoes on, run around, try a few different brands. Fleet Feet Sports in Burbank is another good choice in the So Cal area.

I am going to set up a FREE Running Clinic with Fleet Feet soon. I’ll  let you know when.

You can follow them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FleetFeetSportsBurbank
Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Newton Natural Coach


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