First Annual – “Burn the Bird” Workout

Most of our Burn the Bird crew at Vicious Cycle Fitness studio

You gotta love it if your schedule allows you to dedicate certain long weekends to some longer training sessions, then throw a race, add good company, great food and sign me up.

The Thanksgiving Day holiday has turned into that type of training weekend. You probably read about yesterday, today was another phenomenal training day. It started out with a Sunrider herbal Ilg Supreme shake, (you’ll have to email me for the ingredients of my secret weapon), 40-minute ride to the studio, then the first annual “Burn the Bird” workout. 11 of us met at Vicious Cycle Fitness for meditation, indoor cycling and yoga.

The idea for this workout was directly borrowed from Coach Steve Ilg. After the meditation we warmed up on the bikes for 20 minutes then when into the classic Ilg “Minutes are Forever” workout. We cooled down and focused on the union between breath and posture while performing some beautiful yoga. 2 hours later it was time to ride home and eat some leftovers. It is a good thing I am riding 80 miles tomorrow because now I have to burn off leftovers.

Namaste, Steve Mackel, CHt


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