Finishing in Style – Buffalo Run Race Report by Roni

Musings after finishing dead freaking@#$%&* LAST at the Catalina
Buffalo Run.

As in all life the victory is really in the journey, no matter how %#$
%%&^ long it takes, in this case it was 4hrs 20-minutes.
This ill planned, and minimally trained for day became a vision
quest, mourning the loss of loved ones and reaffirming the beauty in
life itself.

From such an early age i was told ” second place is no place”, and
more recently “age and treachery will always triumph over youth and
talent”, neither axiom related at all to today…What does, is that
with a resolve of spirit and help and guidance of well placed mentors
(beach runners, / john garey pilates), and the love we carry for each
other I was able to finish. To engage in an event, both restorative
and challenging.

Thank you all for caring, encouraging and congratulating.


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