Erin Takes Life By The Horns as a Beach Runner

“I can’t tell you how much running has changed my life without boring you to death but it has helped me go from this.”

208 lbs.

168 lbs. and still losing lbs.

“Hmmm. Well I don’t know if I’d call this artistic, but I’ll share my story

Not long before I became involved with Beach Runners I was in a pretty dark place. So dark in fact, that I literally woke up and went to sleep crying on a daily basis. One morning in late April after waking up to my own tears I simply decided that I had to do something to change my life for the better. I dragged my (rather large) behind to a Weight Watchers meeting and a couple of weeks later I joined the Beach Runners.

It sounds really cliche, but if “I” could bring myself to run and make lifestyle changes then anyone can. It’s all about believing in yourself and feeling that you are worthy of good health, physically and mentally. That’s it! :)”



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