Elite ultra endurance and trail runner MICHELLE BARTON

Southern California’s MICHELLE BARTON; an elite ultra distance and trail runner with an intoxicating love for the sport, eternally positive spirit, and incredible athletic ability.

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I met Michelle at the Holcomb Valley Ultramarathon this year.

She won the race coming in hours ahead of me.

She passed me about mile four of Mt. Baldy.

I told her she had the best smile.

She said “I love you”.

That made my race.

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2 Responses to “Elite ultra endurance and trail runner MICHELLE BARTON”

  1. Katie Drummond - The Extreme Self - A (not so) extreme self: Dean Karnazes - True/Slant on July 22nd, 2009

    […] friend Michelle Barton says that recovery is overrated, and I’d agree. And I think sleep is overrated too. I guess […]

  2. Julie Talbott on March 2nd, 2011

    Michelle Barton is the nicest, most positive person I’ve ever come across AND she is Wicked Fast! She runs ultras with a perma-smile that is not easily forgotten.