Drum Roll Please – Beach Runners Meeting Spot

As of 7:18 I am still not sure. A Long Beach official said he’d get back to me today. There are two choices and one will become official. They are both nice spots with benefits and drawbacks. Neither one is better yet I still have my first and second choice.

One spot is in East Long Beach on Alamitos Bay, off Marina Blvd. The other spot is the Port of Long Beach Admistrative buliding, in West Long Beach by the Queen Mary. The issue is parking 200 cars for 21 weeks. At least, the city of Long Beach is working hard to accomodate us. Last year, we had a private parking lot that is unavailable to us this year

So, has the hours pass by today I will be waiting with my cell phone in hand to see where the chips fall. Depending on my internet availability I will post the official spot as soon as I know.

Patience is a virtue, but this waiting is getting to me too. Stay tuned!

Train Focused,

Steve Mackel, SoCalRunning.com Co-Founder


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