Coach Steve and Coach Gary Speak at the Long Beach Marathon Health and Fitness Expo Today and Saturday

Race Visualization Workshop Participants from
the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo

The Long Beach Marathon Health and Fitness Expo is a FREE event today and tomorrow open to the general public. Check out all sorts of stuff for runners, cyclists and people interested in fitness. It is at Long Beach Convention Center., Hall C October 10-11, 2008 Friday: 12 Noon to 7pm and Saturday: 9am – 6pm. Steve and Gary’s workshops and times are listed below:

“Unleashing Your Mental Running Strength Through Visualization and Hypnosis” by Steve Mackel, CHt, Head Coach Beach Runners Marathon Training Program – Friday at 4

Using visualization, and other mental training techniques, Steve Mackel, Certified Hypnotherapist and Head Coach of Beach Runners Marathon Training Program, gives race day tips then takes participants through a guided visualization of their upcoming race, increasing self-confidence and overall race day strength.

“ChiRunning® Run effortlessly and injury-free” by Certified ChiRunning Instructor Certified ChiRunning Instructor Gary Smith – Friday at 5 PM and Saturday at 1 PM

Gary will teach the basic principles and benefits of ChiRunning®

“Yoga and Running Combining Their Strength”by Steve Mackel, Head Coach Beach Runners Marathon Training Program – Saturday at 5 PM

Creating a yoga practice can produce profound effects in your running, Coach Gary Smith discusses how to develop a yoga practice can increase speed, strength and running efficiency.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified Hypnotherapist


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