Coach Gary’s Map to the Universe

The Map To The Universe

Coach Gary’s map of the trails on the Palos Verdes hill below Del Cerro. “If you get lost its okay :)”

Mary from our winter marathon training program posted a great article on her blog and it made me laugh. Below is a couple paragraphs and link to the rest of her article:

The Green Girl’s Very First Trail Run, December 15, 2008, by Mary – Member

Before our usual training run yesterday, Coach Gary Smith held an hour long ChiRunning lesson. I’ve attended multiple Chirunning sessions but I enjoy participating in the classes because I always learn something new.

After the ChiRunning lesson, we broke up into the full and half marathon groups to start the run. Since I was diagnosed with runner’s knee, I haven’t been keeping up with my Surf City USA Half Marathon training schedule. I’ve been being really careful with my knee and after going a full week without any significant pain, I decided I was ready to push myself. Instead of joining the half marathoners, I went with the full marathon group. I had attached my patellar strap to my hydration belt in case my knee started to hurt while I was out on the run.

We all set our watches to beep after 55 minutes to indicate the time to turn around and head back. We were given small, handwritten maps to help guide us on our run. I folded the map up, stuck it in my pocket, started Mr. Green Garmin and headed out. My plan was to really take it easy but try to run the entire time.
Coach Steve Mackel passed by and suggested I increase my lean. I was grateful for his advice and concentrated on doing that. I could feel myself getting faster. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Navigate Focused, Steve Mackel, ChiRunning Instructor


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