Coach Gary’s Friday Night Pep Talk 8:30-9:00 PST.

Coach Gary gives an important talk on marathon training tonight.Topics include:How to survive the wall.
How fast you should go tomorrow.
Last second check list and preparations.
What your goals should be at this point of the training.This will be his first live show…so please excuse any bad lighting, bad language, and advice that contradicts with Coach Steve (who really knows his stuff.)

I am trying out a new video thingy bob so bare with the experiment.


This was sooooo much fun. Hopefully you saw it live. I might try to do this more often.

Did anyone watch it live? Did it work on ustream? Let me know. Leave a comment.

Don’t just be a voyeur. Tell us what you think.

God Bless,


3 Responses to “Coach Gary’s Friday Night Pep Talk 8:30-9:00 PST.”

  1. Jason Simmons on August 16th, 2008


    Great job on the live pep talk. Thank you very much for all the important topic. I would say I hit the wall a little bit on Saturday but I keep on going and walk it. Question..I did the 3 hour 30 min run but I was at the bike path and not close to the start. Was it okay to walk the rest of the way or should I tried to run/jog to the starting line? I hope this makes sense.

  2. Gary on August 17th, 2008

    You’re doing awesome Jason.

    It’s expected to hit the wall on a three hour run.

    It’s just a matter of when and how hard.

    I’d say run whenever you can until your body tells you to walk.

    So yes, it’s okay to run to the starting line.

    See ya soon.

  3. Jackie Recendez on August 22nd, 2008

    thank you for the pep talk and information:
    question for you next time: I have custom orthotics to correct flat feet and over pronation. What type of shoe should I put them in now? Do I still use a motion stabilizer type of shoe or would this cause over correction problems? Do I use a neutral shoe now with the orthotics?
    I used them in a neutral shoe for 1/2 marathon, and did well considering it was San Francisco, but post race had non -tender swelling lateral ankle and some medial knee ache. I am confused if it was the shoe and I need still more motion stabilizing, but why the heck swelling in the lateral ankle and not the medial ankle where the knee ache was? thanks for any input: JM