ChiRunning Workshops and Retreats

ChiRunning® One-Day Workshops

Perfect for Beginners to Advanced Runners

One Day ChiRunning® Workshop Sunday, June 28 in Huntington Beach

From 9 am – 4 pm we will go over most of the ChiRunning® book. Focusing on a deep understanding of getting into the correct Posture, how to land Mid-Foot, learning the proper Lean, drills, exercises, up and down hill running and video analysis.

Right now I am focusing on Private and Semi-Private ChiRunning® lessons. It allows me to really teach to each individual’s needs and go at your exact pace, both running and learning. The cost is only $150 if you meet me in Pasadena and it comes with a complete notes after your lesson. Please call Coach Steve to schedule your lesson at 818-414-9181.

In a recent survey by a major running magazine, over 60% of runners suffered a running related injury in the last year. This meant lost days of invaluable training, worries about even finishing the next run, missed races, missed days outside in the beautiful California sunshine, and just the embarrassing feeling of your body breaking down before you’ve accomplished all the athletic goals you’ve scribbled down in your prized journals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Running should be fun and natural, just like it was for you as a child. We’d like to introduce ourselves. For eight years now, Steve Mackel has been coaching runners in Southern California to run injury free, effortlessly, and enjoyably. As the head coach for Sole Runners Marathon Training Programs, he has coached thousands of runners in how to use ChiRunning® and Yoga to achieve their running/fitness goals.

What is ChiRunning®?

ChiRunning is a bio-mechanically correct running form that integrates the modern science of running with the ancient principles of movement from Tai Chi. ChiRunning technique is based on the same principles and orientation as Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi: working with core muscles; integrating mind and body; and focused on overall and long term performance and well-being.Learning ChiRunning is beneficial for people returning back to running after an injury, those intimidated by running workouts, those looking for a performance/speed edge, and those that want to integrate a spiritual dimension into their running. We have improved the performance of all levels of runners from Boston Qualifiers, to midlevel marathoners, to first time finishers, to half marathoners, 10K runners, 5K runners, trail runners, and triathletes.What You’ll Learn at our Workshops

You will be amazed at the beauty of our locations. All day you will have a view of the majestic blue Pacific Ocean. You will learn ChiRunning on the finest grass you’ve ever run on, and then practice your new skills on trails that soar above the ocean with views up and down the coast.

  • Right of the bat, you’ll learn how ChiRunning differs from Power Running. You’ll understand why you must if change your mindset first if you want injury free running.
  • You’ll learn the four principles of ChiRunning…Focusing your Mind…Body Sensing…Breathing…and Relaxation…you’ll be able to apply these principles to not just your running but to improve all aspects of your life.
  • You’ll learn the core teaching of Tai Chi…where your true strength comes from…where your center is….how movement can be solid and fluid at the same time…
  • You’ll learn how to align your feet when running….and where to land on your feet while running…this will relax them and make them more flexible and ultimately like blazing swishes of light
  • You’ll learn how the knees are supposed to operate naturally….this knowledge will help you run over difficult rocky trails with the ease of dirt bike…your knees will soften up… making even the hardest surfaces such as concrete pleasurable to run on and prevent knee problems.
  • You’ll learn how to align your upper body…promoting a healthy spine…opening the chest cavity…and how this allows deep recuperative breathing throughout your runs.
  • You’ll learn the secret knowledge of all world class athletes in how to level and utilize your pelvic floor…you’ll understand how the pelvic floor controls the hips which controls the legs…once this skill is mastered…it will improve your running more immediately and dramatically than any other skill we teach…for example, Steve Prefontaine of Olympic fame, testifies just this realization made him a world class runner.
  • You’ll put all this information together to radically improve your posture in running and in life…keeping you strong and solid on your runs, in fact once mastered, you can learn to tap into profound sources of strength.
  • You’ll learn the real secret of the Kenyans…the lean.. what it is…how to do it….and how you can harness the strongest force in the universe, gravity, to do all the work for you running, so running can become, effortless and easy.
  • You’ll learn what you should be lifting in your lower body whether it be your knees…legs…feet….you’ll understand how to create a wheel behind you that propels you forward so you no longer have to do so much pushing and pulling with your legs saving you lots and lots of energy.
  • You’ll get instruction on how to swing your arms and how be utilizing them more in your running you make life easier for your legs…sounds crazy but just improving your arm swing will make you faster.
  • You’ll understand the principle of cadence and often you should turning over legs every minute…you’ll learn how to avoid over striding the most common cause of running injury.
  • You’ll learn how to run up hills with your upper body making your lower refreshed at the top and how to relax and flow down hills softening any impacts on your knees and quadriceps.
  • You’ll realize how to use gears in your running…to go from slow to medium…to fast speeds easily, fluently, effortlessly…you’ll be amazed how fast you are with your new techniques.
  • You’ll learn a whole series of joint looseners to use before your run and stretching ideas for afterward that will keep both your joints and muscles fresh for the next run.
  • You’ll the basics of putting together a basic training program that uses principles of ChiRunning to accomplish your running goals such as finishing a marathon, flying through a half marathon, beating your 10K time, or just integrating running into your fitness routine.
  • Finally you’ll do not just one but two yoga sessions that day, learning the basics of practicing a two thousand year old system of body mind spirit development that can help you recover quickly after runs and improve your flexibility.

Our Guarantee

After teaching close to a thousand people ChiRunning and yoga, we are 100% percent confident that learning ChiRunning will make your running more enjoyable, easier, and less prone to injury. But if for any reason whatsoever, either during the workshop, or for 30 days after the workshop, and after trying the techniques you’ll learn, you feel that our workshop did not help your running, then contact us and we will gladly let you attend another workshop free of charge. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by attending this workshop.

Please call Steve Mackel at (818) 414-9181 for any questions regarding ordering information.

Our last workshop sold out so please call right away to guarantee your spot. We keep the number of participants small in order to give maximum attention to you.Testimonials

“I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to thank you for such an amazing clinic on Saturday. I learned so much, although I mostly realized that I have a great deal to practice.I am curious if you have availability for a private session and if so, what do you charge? I really liked your direct style and I think my running would visibly improve from a few sessions with you.” Thanks again! -Paige

“I am certainly interested in group runs. I am very happy with the chi running technique. I’ve been struggling with calf injuries in the last few years, but since the workshop I’ve been injury free. My calves don’t even get tight anymore, which is amazing.” -Carel

“Thanks for checking in. I was going to drop a note to you. I am really seeing a difference. I have made it a point to loosen up before I run, and I can feel that my ankles are much looser and flexible than before. I also noticed that I have much more lung capacity now that I elongate my torso. I can breathe!! I am very thankful for your workshop. I did not realize the little things that make so much of a difference. There are some half marathons coming up and I will keep you informed. Presently, I am targeting the LA Marathon for a time and am focusing on long slow weekend runs.” -Irene

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a workshop to learn ChiRunning? Workshops/retreats are ideal for kinesthetic learners, people who learn best by doing. Learning sports and athletic tasks is much easier with a coach than from a book for most people.With two coaches at our retreat, we will be able to analyze your running and give custom one-on-one feedback over the course of the workshop ensuring you learn these new methods by the end of the workshop.

Is the workshop worth the money? Well, a ChiRunning workshop costs less than…• two pairs of running shoes which will last longer with better running technique• three $75 massages which you’ll certainly be needing with poor running form• two physical therapy sessions from continuing to run with poor technique• the entry cost of two marathons which you will do much better at with ChiRunning• 6 trips to the movies with a date• And certainly costs much, much, much less than….• no chiropractor or spinal alignment bills (thousands of dollars)• less or limited trips to podiatrists and knee specialists (thousands of dollars)• no physical therapy sessions (thousands of dollars)• less chance of surgery (thousands of dollars)• less gym memberships as running becomes your primary means of exercise (hundreds of dollars)

Is this workshop appropriate for beginners? Yes. In fact, if you are just starting off a running program, it makes so much sense to learn to run correctly. That way, running will stay enjoyable for you as do one mile, two miles, three miles, and so on. Then you will stay with running as a form of exercise for many years to come. Most of the runners we taught last year were beginning runners. Keeping a ‘beginners mind’ is actually a great advantage.

Will experienced runners benefit from your workshop? Yes. Marathoners, triathletes, 10K’ers, and seasoned joggers love learning how to run with less stress on their lower bodies. That allows them to train longer, with no injuries to slow them down in preparation or in races. In addition, you’ll learn the process of gaining real speed in running. ChiRunning will make you smash PR’s with ease.

How long does it take to learn ChiRunning? You’ll learn all the fundamentals of ChiRunning in one day. By the end of the workshop I will take you on a run and you’ll have a chance to combine all the skills into a liberating new way of moving that will shock you with how good it feels to run that way.

How can I prepare for the workshop? Sign up right away by calling or email Coach Steve. Because I want to give everyone personalized attention, I limit our workshop sizes. And they fill up quickly considering Steve is 1 of only 4 certified instructors in Los Angeles. I also recommend buying the ChiRunning Book by Danny Dreyer and reading it. That way you’ll understand many of the principles.