ChiRunning® Instructors Get Together in Asheville

A Group Photo From the First ChiRunning® Instructor Weekend

Asheville NC, – Home to Danny Dreyer, the founder of ChiRunning® and fantastic trail running, hosted the first ChiRunning® Instructors Weekend. It was fantastic to meet the other ChiRunning® Instructors. They had diverse backgrounds and there were some quite gifted athletes.

The group trail run was magical for a So Cal kid, like me. It was so soft running on the leaves and soft dirt. It is much greener than the mountains in my backyard. It also had more varied terrain. It seems like we get longer up hills and down hills out here. I heard it said, “A change will do you good.” I think the visit to Asheville was good and it was great to bond with the entire ChiRunning® family

One thing I love about ChiRunning® is that I am always learning and getting better. I can never let my guard down. I have to listen, feel and respond to what body is telling me in that moment.

Every time I get to hear Danny talk, I pick up a new subtle concept that allows me to further dive into my running. That weekend was no exception. One thing that Danny reminded me of, was the connection between alignment and relaxation. On the race course and on my training runs I focus on two feelings my coach, Steve Ilg, taught me: The ability to “Let Go” and “Empty.” These have been words and feelings that have helped me find some of that relaxation in alignment.

Sometimes you have to let the structure support itself. You can’t be responsible or maybe better said, strong enough to hold all the pieces together all the time. Sound familiar, especially to us control freaks.

With all that practice, I am looking forward to this Labor Day’s races. Gary, myself, some Beach Runners and members will be at Mt Baldy’s Run to the Top, while another group will be at the Disneyland half. Look for race reports soon.

Happy Labor Day and Race Focused, Steve Mackel Certified ChiRunning® Instructor


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