Chi Running Shoe: New Balance 800 Midfoot Strike System Shoe Review

Notice: It was a little windy that Saturday, so early in the video there some background noise but it lessens as the video goes on.

After all of Gary’s “in front of the camera” research, the rumor was verified. The “ChiRunning®” shoe know as the NB 800 Midfoot Strike System is out. In his the previous video in this investigative series, you may recall that I received the shoes. Watch Previous Video

The first time I tried them out I took it out on my LSD run for a real trial, 13 miles of pavement and concrete with the Beach Runners. To be fair this is my review after only one run.

Look for my next video on this shoe soon, I am loading up miles on them. Tonight I take them out on the trail for the first time. So much for the nice white outer, yet the trail will be a great test.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Professional Running Shoe Tester (kids don’t try this at home)


One Response to “Chi Running Shoe: New Balance 800 Midfoot Strike System Shoe Review”

  1. Kevin Gianni on August 7th, 2008

    Dude! This shoe sounds awesome! This is good news for someone who needs a wide shoe with midfoot focus!

    Live Awesome!