Xterra Snow Valley Trail Race and Triathlon July 26 – 27, 2014 – Special SCR Discount

Looking for a fun, beautiful and challenging trail race? The Xterra Snow Valley Trail Races and Triathlon are worth putting on your calendar. The Trail Races are on Sunday, July 27, 2014. Below is my video from the 2013 21k (half marathon).

You can read the full race report at:


They are also offering a special for SoCalRunning.com readers. Use the code “SoCalRunning”  for 15% off your your registration.

To Visit the Xterra Site and Sign-Up Click Here

My Garmin race data is below. Click “View Data” on the bottom right of the Garmin frame

Race Focused, Steve Mackel – Master ChiRunning® Instructor

Sample Vol 3 of Optimal Performance Athlete: Mastering the Mental Side of Running

Dear Runners,

This week we would like to give you more of our Optimal Performance Athlete program to sample.

We’ve had great feedback about this program the last two weeks. Runners told us they’ve learned a lot about eating a “living diet”, antioxidants, and developing a “winning mindset”.

Volume Three really goes into some the mental changes you should make to optimize your performance and health. It’s kinda of some deep stuff in this volume, but really cool, and very useful for you as a runner.


In this episode of Optimal Performance Athlete, Gary Null Ph.D explains the importance of antioxidants for marathon training and the importance of detoxifying.

In this episode you’ll learn:

* How your body releases toxins when you’re running and how to detoxify

* The pro’s and con’s of caffeine for marathon runners

* When you should take green and red juices during your training

* The actual health benefits of Red Wine

* How much calories you should be eating before your runs

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In this episode of Optimal Performance Athlete, Luanne Pennesi RN/MS explores the deep mentality of self empowered people, and how to balance a healthy living with your run training.

You’ll learn:

* The difference between distractions and focusing

* How to defeat the rationalizations and excuses that prevent you from eating healthily

* Two higher energetic sources that can give you limitless energy and how to connect to these energies

* How to make any decision that will provide you the most joy

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Again, this is from Volume Three of our Optimal Performance Athlete program, a five part holistic nutrition program for runners.

For the next three weeks we are offering the program at a very special price of only $2.99 a volume.

You can download the program from CDBaby, put it on your ipod or iphone and listen to it at your convenience.

Sole Runners Fall/Winter 2013/14 Season Starts Saturday, Oct 5, in Palos Verdes and Newbury Park

The Sole Runners Training program is unique. We are the only program that incorporates ChiRunning® and Yoga into your training. Learning running technique is important. Whether your are a total beginner or experienced we know how to help you achieve your goals.
SR Flyer
It doesn’t matter when you start, but if you are going to do the group training with us, starting earlier is better than later. So here’s our schedule:
Wednesday, September 25, Newbury Park Kick-off Party at the Lab Brewery in Agoura Hills at 6 PM
Saturday, October 5, 1st group run in Newbury Park and the Palos Verdes group will meet in Long Beach for the first 2 weeks.
Wednesday, October 9, Palos Verdes Kick-off and Long Beach Marathon Carbo-load Dinner at Buenos Pizzeria in Downtown Long Beach at 6 PM
Saturday, October 12, Group run in Newbury Park and the Palos Verdes group will meet in Long Beach
Wednesday, October 16, Newbury Park Kick-off Party at the Lab Brewery in Agoura
Saturday, October 19, Group run in Newbury Park and the Palos Verdes group will meet at Trump Golf Club in PV
The Early Bird Registration Discounts:

Alumni $125 Normally $145 (expires Saturday, October 5)
New Sole Runners $165 Normally $195 (expires Saturday, October 5)
Refer 2 New Sole Runners get $100 back
Refer 1 New Sole Runner get a Sole Runners Hat or Shirt

Register On-Line Now at http://MarathonTraining.TV/store ($5 credit card processing fee)
Send a check payable to: Tri This Coaching, 1600 Fremont Ave, S. Pasadena, CA 91030

Call Coach Steve for more information 818-414-9181

Overcome Cancer Fatigue through Light Running Schedules by SCR Guest Writer Liz Davies

Battling cancer can bring any person to his or her knees in exhaustion and feelings of physical illness. Not only does cancers such as breast cancer, leukemia, mesothelioma, and cervical cancer cause people to be depleted physically, but the treatments of these diseases can also take a heavy toll on the body. Light exercise has long been established as a positive way to increase endorphins, improve energy and stamina levels, and to lift the moods of people going through cancer treatments.

Light running is an ideal physical therapy program for individuals who are going through cancer treatments. Any running may seem impossible to some individuals who are experiencing extreme illness and bouts of severe lethargy due to their treatments. If a cancer patient feels too depleted and exhausted to begin a running regimen, he or she may consider small walks and trying to work up to light jogging sessions.

Every person reacts to chemo and radiation differently. The amount of light running that a person is able to do is of course entirely dependent upon each person’s particular situation, how his or her physical health is, and their personal doctor’s recommendation.

Many people who are going through cancer treatments or who are recovering from cancer do find it necessary to take on running schedules in very small steps. Stretching and running with a partner is important, especially during the first few weeks of committing to a light running routine. In addition to light running, changing the diet can also help to improve the way a person feels.

Studies have found that diets high in fruits have been beneficial for cancer patients as fruits have many natural antioxidants that help the person to fight a variety of illnesses. Fruits also have natural sugars that stimulate the body and increase energy levels. Incorporating one to two portions of fruit into each meal may give a cancer patient energy needed to be able to have the strength to begin a mild jogging or light running routine that can help to improve overall physical health in the form of giving the person more energy and boosting spirits.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.

Tonight, 54 Sun Salutations at BreakThru Fitness, in Pasadena, at 7:30 PM

Today, Thursday, January 19, 7:30 PM, at Breakthru Fitness we are finishing my annual, kick-off the new year, 108 Sun Salutations. You

can attend even if you didn’t do the first 54 Sun Salutations. This week, we will do the final 54 Sun Salutations. Our focus this week will be inviting our intentions to take hold in our lives and move toward our goals. This “Sweatfest” will help you purge it out, so be prepared. This is a difficult class but all levels welcome, you move at your speed. Do what you can.

This year we are very blessed to have two of my favorite yoga teachers co-teaching the class with me. Susan Wiens – Yoga Beyond the Mat and Christianne. You can attend even if you are not a BreakThru member. Non-Members only are only $10 for these two classes (normally $30) but you must tell the front desk person you are my guest. BreakThru Fitness has mats and towels if you need them.

Breakthru Fitness is located at 345 South Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105 Phone: (626)396-1700, on the corner of Del Mar and Lake upstairs next to Trader Joes with plenty of free parking in the parking structure.

If you want more get there at 6:30 PM and take my Spinning class first. What a 1 – 2 punch!

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Yogi in Training

Newbury Park Sole Runners Kick-off Party Tuesday, Oct. 11 at Jinky’s Cafe

Newbury Park Sole Runners Kick-Off/Information Party, Tuesday October 11, 5:30 PM at Jinky’s Cafe in Agoura. Take advantage of the $15 Discount

Jinky’s is located at 29001n Canwood St., Agouga, CA 91301. Jinky’s is a great place to eat and enjoy a drink. Enjoy a drink and/or have dinner with us. Feel free to bring a friend. This is a great opportunity to check out what the Sole Runners are doing for runners in Ventura County, make some new runner friends and set some new goals. Bring friends or family members. In fact, bring two guests to the meeting and Coach Steve will buy you a drink or appetizer.

Directions to Jinky’s

Newbury Park Sole Runners First ChiRunning® Lesson and a Pre-Season Training Run – Saturday, October 15, at 7 AM at Ali Baba’s Cafe in Newbury Park

Learn how to run. You’ll take lessons to learn other sports so why do you think you don’t need lesson to learn how to run? The Newbury Park Sole Runner’s First ChiRunning® Lesson is Saturday, October 15 at 7 AM. We will also offer another ChiRunning® lesson Saturday, November 5.

We will meet at Ali Baba’s Cafe, 2110-B Newbury Rd. Newbury Park, CA 91320

Directions to Ali Baba’s Cafe

Newbury Park Sole Runners First ChiRunning® Lesson and a Pre-Season Training Run – Saturday, October 15, at 7 AM at Ali Baba’s Cafe in Newbury Park

Learn how to run. You’ll take lessons to learn other sports so why do you think you don’t need lesson to learn how to run? The Newbury Park Sole Runner’s First ChiRunning® Lesson is Saturday, October 15 at 7 AM. We will also offer another ChiRunning® lesson Saturday, November 5.

We will meet at Ali Baba’s Cafe, 2110-B Newbury Rd. Newbury Park, CA 91320

Directions to Ali Baba’s Cafe

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Head Coach Sole Runners

2 Natural Running Clinics This Saturday, July 30, at Runners High in Long Beach 9 AM and 1 PM

Those of you that don’t know, besides being a Certified ChiRunning® Instructor I am a Certified Newton Natural Running Coach. This Saturday, I will be giving a 2 one hour Natural Running Clinics at Runners High store in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. The first one will be at 9 AM and the second will be at 1 PM. Natural Running shares a lot of similarities with ChiRunning® and also is tied to Newton running shoes.

I’ve been running most of my races in Newton’s and I love them. I always feel faster and less stressed in them. But, Newtons require a midfoot landing and are not made for heel strikers. Of course, I will be teaching how to land on the midfoot at these clinics. There will be Newton demo shoes for you to try and I will be discussing running shoes in general. It is free so come check it out this Saturday. Runners High, 5338 East Second St., Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified Newton Natural Running Coach

How to Run the Catalina Marathon (The Tips) by Coach Gary Smith

Getting Race Ready? Watch This – Gary gives you a high tech RunCast, from 2008 on running the Catalina Marathon, what to be aware of on the course, miles to go fast, miles not to use too much energy, the nutrition he uses, and how to not talk to cats???

Race Focused, Steve Mackel, Sole Runners’ Head Coach

A Running Dialouge, Issue 6 – From the Sole Runners Mentors

ARD Cover

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Sole Runners Head Coach

An Interview with Coach Gary – His first 10 Days in India

gary india sr
My guide and my porter. The porter carried a lot of weight on his back and was very very strong. The going rate is 300 rupies a night about $7 a day for that hard work.

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Steve: What’s up
Gary: Sitting out the monsoon rain in an internet cafe with lots of hippy Israelis. It rains every day here
Steve: Are you in hippie land? I saw your epic hiking pictures and you had to walk through a pot forest.
Gary: Such hippie land, its like the dead shows of the 80s.
Steve: What do you do?
Gary: Not smoke, be of service.
Steve: Cool.
Gary: Meeting lots of interesting people.
Steve: What are you plans for the next couple of days?
Gary: Chilling, I am in Baghsu
Steve: What message can I relay from you? People are always asking me.
Gary: I’ll have something good for you soon. I will see the Dalai Lama speak this Saturday and Sun on the diamond sutra, in Mcleodganj at his temple.
Steve: Are you going to get to Mt Everest base camp?
Gary: Hopefully I will fly to Nepal in a month soon as i finish this service work in the Tibetan refugee camp, teaching English for the next month
Steve: What is a snapshot of your day?
Gary: I wake up after about 10 hours of sleep pray/yoga long breakfast, message today, then meeting Tibetan students for conversation practice, then meeting former teacher to check out a new room, then some dinner and meet new people. I just had a long conversation with a Brazilian journalist who had just finished traveling asia for year last night, pretty simple life.
Steve: Do you get bored at night?
Gary: Not really, lots of interesting people around to talk to.
Steve: Has the food made you sick?
Gary: Sometimes very sick, diaherra.
Steve: What has been the hardest thing for you so far?
Gary: Diaherra and rain that’s the story around here during monsoon time. At least we are not flooding like China and Pakistan no, not that sick took local medicine which seems to work well and i avoid caffeine and spicy food
Steve: what’s the best thing so far?
Gary: best thing is….many things…

gary india cave
So I actually meditated in this Shiva cave for a while. Yes, I can now say I meditated in a cave in the Himalayas. The ideas that came to me:
1. Spiritual way of life demands discipline.
2. My life like Shiva’s is holy too.

Steve: How was meditating in a cave in the Himalayas?
Gary: well you can imagine, pretty cool. Shiva probably sat in that cave, cool things…
Steve: how was your 6 day hiking trip?
Gary: The views of the Himalayas were maybe the coolest thing because I dreamt of that coming true so to see it with my own eyes. The mountains are HUGE the sierras pale in comparison, and I have not even seen the big mountains yet
Steve: Tell me more about the refugees
Gary: I told them i went trekking for six days. These 22 year old girls told me that they crossed the mountains for 30 days!!!! Glaciers, high passes, escaping the Chinese no food for days, just the hope of freedom and a better life there. I was with a cook, porter, guide they arrive with NOTHING here these girls I am working with have not even had one day of school in Tibet.

gary india river cart
Beginning of third day we had to take this hairy trolley across the Pavarti river. Pavarti was the mistress of Shiva. And supposedly fierce. Just like this river.

Steve: What’s your vibe right now?
Gary: I am on a weird spiritual vibe. It’s like whatever I imagine is coming true breaking through the illusions of maya as I realize what we imagine in our minds come true with prayer relaxation and blind faith in god as we do our karmic duties so I try to contribute
Steve: It was great talking to you. I miss you and take care of yourself. We’ll talk soon. IM me like this when you get a chance. People want to know about your journey.
Gary: Funny my life is soooo weird and that’s the way i think it should be not some sanitized packaged set of goods that you can buy at Costco the future is unlimited my good friend. Keep on creating your future in pictures do your karmic duty, pray to God, and it will come true, with a little work. God Bless

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