Palos Verdes Half Marathon – Saturday, May 2, 20009

Wow! What a perfect day to run a half marathon or any race for that matter. The Palos Verdes coastline was overcast, cool and damp. My run was refreshing.

The Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Program spent the fall and winter running many of those streets and local trails yet I had never run this race. I loved running the streets I practice on. The race was well run. There were plenty of water stations and the runners were very friendly. The locals didn’t pay to much attention to us and I wish they were a little more vocal.

The course is hilly, with beautiful views. I think it the hills are fairly equal coming and going. I really like coming down Western and the final stretch was flat and fast. You’ll definitely see the Sole Runners out there next year.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Sole Runners Head Coach

Sole Runners Group Full and Half Marathon Training in Long Beach Starts in 2 Weeks

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MarathonTraining.TV – Group training system using Yoga and the ChiRunning® techniques.

Pre-Season Training starts Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 7 AM, at Marina Vista Park in Long Beach, Find Location

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Sole Runners

Yoga Teacher Training with Rosie Good Starts in May

Dear SoleRunners,

“If you want to learn something, teach it” Yogi Bhajan

It is my pleasure and honor to introduce you to Rosie Good. This is my yoga teacher. If you wonder why the yoga you practice with me in class or after running is so effective…this beautiful woman’s spirit and dedication to yoga is the reason.

Four years ago I began doing yoga. And three years ago I decided to take Rosie’s teacher training. Mainly just to learn more…she has more in class hours than any other yoga teacher training in Los Angeles.

Something happened to me in that training. I cannot even begin to explain the shift in consciousness…but it was profound. Runners comment every Saturday why I seem so calm and relaxed…I simply say it’s because I practice yoga.

I could barely touch my toes when I started Yoga Teacher Training with Rosie and now I have amazing flexibility.

More than that though, in a teacher training class you learn about the history, philosophy, and traditions of yoga. You read amazing books like the Bhagavad Gita and The Upanishads.

The best thing about the training for me was…I became a yoga teacher. Rosie has you teaching from day one…granted just one pose…but it builds from there.

By the time I was finished the training, I could teach for 30min – 60min easily and with confidence. Since then I’ve taught classes throughout Los Angeles, Catalina Island, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Most importantly, I’ve helped a lot of people become more flexible and recover from their running. I’ve brought a little peace and harmony and love in the world through a yoga mat. That’s pretty cool. And it wasn’t even me…it was just teaching this amazing tradition of yoga.

Well, SoleRunners is about to start in April. Since Steve and I started coaching together a few of our runners have become yoga teachers. We love to give aspiring yoga teachers the opportunity to teach to our runners or to help out our classes in the studio. We will help mentor you and give you teaching opportunities.

To tell you the truth, we need more yoga teachers. The one’s we’ve mentored like Larry and Laura have gone on to develop a busy teaching schedule beyond SoleRunners. Yes, yoga teachers are in demand.

So if you’ve been doing yoga for a while and would like to take things up to the next level, or would like to become a teacher so that you can impact the lives of many people in a positive way, then seriously seriously think about enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training.

And if that’s the case, I can think of no better teacher to study under than Rosie Good. Both Steve and I have taken many a yoga class from many a yoga teacher and Rosie is as good if not better than many of the “big” names in Los Angeles. And you get the convenience of a local yoga studio in a small class.

Her teacher training starts on May 1st and goes to October 4th. It is INTENSIVE (that’s why I loved it). You meet on Fri’s 7-9, then Sat/Sun 12-5. So if you are marathon training, you can still make the class.

The cost is $1400 which is an AWESOME price. Especially for all those in class hours and personal treatment from Rosie. Just look around on the internet for other programs…you’ll see.

So if you’re interested contact Rosie soon. Her number is 310-521-9555.

You can also visit her and talk to her about the training at her studio…

Namaste and God Bless,

Coach Gary

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