Burn the Bird – Post Thanksgiving Day Training

This video was shot at Clear Creek up the 2 Angeles Crest Hwy. Andy and I needed to burn some Turkey Calories. The food I ate was so good and like most I over indulged. At the same time, I haven’t trained hard in a while and this climb, plus the a previous hour of riding up to our starting point gave me all I wanted today. Just what I needed. Thanks for watching.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – USA Cycling Coach

Run To Vote – The Big Day

Wow! what a day already. I got up to wet streets in South Pasadena, I went for a beautiful fall bike ride. I took out the Rocky Mountain to keep the Kuota dry. Then I put on the running clothes and ran to my polling place. I met other dedicated Americans. We talked after the election and everyone has hope for the future.

I love America. Thank all of you for your support and I’ll leave you with the comment I just received from the RunToVote.org web site:

“Ran the 3 miles to the polling station pushing my 2 year old daughter – she got to see Mommy being healthy AND doing her part as an American!” Tamera

VOTE Focused, Steve Mackel, RunToVOTE.org founder

Run To Vote Today – Last Minute Tips

In this video I give some last minute tips for those of you Running to VOTE today!

Please remember to Run To VOTE

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel – US Citizen and Voter

Improve Your Breathing, Try a Neti Pot, My How To Video

Unless you have a known medical condition, your breathing hurts or always seems to be labored when exercising, (this is when you need to consult a doctor) let’s use the KISS principle when it comes to breathing, don’t think about it too much, remember to exhale fully and breathe. It takes time to build up an aerobic base and your lactate threshold when breathing during exercise. Eventually it becomes easier.

If you are working on improving your breathing start by keeping your runs at a lower intensity so you don’t have to breathe as hard and give your self time to build up your ventilation threshold.

This video shows me using one of my neti pots for nasal rinsing, which cleans and keeps my sinuses clear for deeper breaths. Something you may want to try. It takes a while to learn how to do it and can even sting in the beginning, yet it has been worth it for me.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel MarathonTraining.TV Head Coach

Long Beach Marathon 10-12-08

Coach Steve’s Quest to PR at the Long Beach Marathon

I’ll save my comments for my Race Report. There is a lot to report because the camera didn’t make it out too often. I was focused on my run. Thanks to my visualization practice I did it!

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Beach Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Program

The New Balance ChiRunning Shoe Mystery – Part 2

Part 2 of my investigative report on the hot rumor that New Balance is releasing a mid-foot strike shoe for ChiRunners.

Run with Joy, Gary (looking for a new last name) Smith

Doggie Dash – Splash and Dash

You gotta watch this video.

Once they lined up, I knew I had recorded gold. This was a great way to wrap up our 5k day.

Please share this video with others and spread the SoCalRunning.com word. Thanks!

Dog Focused, Steve Mackel – Animal Trainer

Pacific Open Water Challenge ’08 – Post Race Interviews

I had just finished a 1 mile swim (that was longer than a mile), threw on my running shoes and hit the bike path and ran a 5k. Boy, I was tired after that swim and it showed in my run time. I still managed a podium spot but it is more about the finishing without a lot of specific training. Just training with the Beach Runners got me through

It was a great event, one to put on your calendar for next June. Watch this video. Comments welcome!

Race Focused, Steve Mackel USA Triathlon Coach

The ChiRunning Shoe Rumor Video

News Flash: Is a Chi Running shoe coming out?

See what I find from my investigation.


Beach Runners Training Program Video

This video was taken last Saturday as we just started our Spring/Summer Training session. Please click the play button and watch it. Now is the time to join! Learn how to join the program

Just email me and ask me any questions.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Beach Runners Head Coach

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