Finding the Proper Running Shoe Fit

I stopped by Road Runners Sports in Torrance and met with store manager and fit specialists Teresa to talk about running shoe fit.

There are lots of things to consider when you are purchasing running shoes and the first thing I think about is the return policy. When a store stands behind their fit then they are invested in doing it right and getting you into a shoe you’ll like.

Most “Running Stores” have a return policy. I like Road Runner Sports because they have a 60 day return policy.

Remember when getting running shoes it is usually best to get your shoes from a “Running Store” because their job is to take good care of you. Some of my other favorite stores in So Cal are A Snail’s Pace, Run With Us, Runner’s High.

Fit Focused, Coach Steve

Smoothie Shopping with Coach Steve


Trail Running with the Sole Runners

What an unbelievable weekend in So Cal.

i am looking forward to a fantastic 2010. Join us

Sole Runners

Train Focused, Coach Steve, Sole Runner Head Coach


Third World Squats Help Runners Improve Performance and Reduce Injuries with Dr. Michael Day

Dr. Michael Day of Advanced Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA shares a functional exercise that benefits

runners and people with bad backs by “turning on your gluteal muscles.” I have been using this for a couple months since filming Dr. Day and it has helped me. I thought it was time to share it.

Dr. Day has become a great resource for me and has helped many SoCalRunners. More from Dr. Day soon. Check him out and you can find him on facebook Dr. Michael Day on facebook

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified Personal Trainer


Marine Corps Marathon 2009 Runumentry

What a great marathon! It is a must on your marathon lists. Why?

1.) Marines – They are like super volunteers and when their name is on the race nothing falls through the cracks.
2.) The Runners – I think there was something like 37,000 of us. Yeah it was crowded but I was in the 4:00:00 group and that was the pace the people around me were running. I didn’t have to fight too hard to work my way through runners.
3.) The Cheering Crowd – Unbelievable! It was packed. They cheered loud, for every runner and really kept my spirits up.
4.) Organization – After 34 of these, they know what they are doing!
5.) The Sites – You get to run past some of the greatest sites in America, in the fall, the leaves are turning colors and it was beautiful.

It is one of the best marathons in the country. Enough said.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel – ChiRunning® Instructor

Palos Verdes Half Marathon – Saturday, May 2, 20009

Wow! What a perfect day to run a half marathon or any race for that matter. The Palos Verdes coastline was overcast, cool and damp. My run was refreshing.

The Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Program spent the fall and winter running many of those streets and local trails yet I had never run this race. I loved running the streets I practice on. The race was well run. There were plenty of water stations and the runners were very friendly. The locals didn’t pay to much attention to us and I wish they were a little more vocal.

The course is hilly, with beautiful views. I think it the hills are fairly equal coming and going. I really like coming down Western and the final stretch was flat and fast. You’ll definitely see the Sole Runners out there next year.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Sole Runners Head Coach

Catalina Marathon Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here it is, up only 48 hours after the race. I never know how it is going to turn out while I am filming and I wanted to show the whole day, because the Catalina Marathon is so much more than just a race. I hope this video does it some justice.

As usual, I had a great time and wished I could have interviewed more people. I was going for a PR which makes it difficult to pull the camera out in some sections, when I was pushing through some pain or flying down hills. Sorry if I missed you.

Remember, if you see me come up and say hello. I will pull out my camera and film you.

Steve Mackel – Sole Runners, Head Coach

Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 5k/10k

I like running on the morning of big eating days and Super Bowl Sunday is definitely one of them. I haven’t run on Super Bowl Sunday in a few years so I spent the night at my buddy’s house, a couple of miles from the start of the Redondo Beach 5k/10k, woke up by the beach and rode a bike to the starting line this year.

This is a fun race. It has a real party atmosphere. Many people were in costumes, wearing their favorite football team’s jerseys or just being goofy. That is the part of the race I participated in while the serious runners were probably already finished. Check out the video and always look for me out on the course. I’d love to put you in the next one.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – co-founder

Can’t Get Out the Door?

I was having “One of Those Mornings” not motivated on a Saturday Long Run, 3 hours and 20 minutes. So, here are some tips to help get you going when you are having one of those days.

Please tell me how you get out the door when you are having one of those days in the comment section.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach MarathonTraning.TV

Turkey Trot – Run for the Hungry '08

This is my annual Turkey Trot, Run for the Hungry in La Canada, CA.

This race has a real home town feel. It is only a 5k so you are in and out on Thanksgiving Day quickly. You get to “Earn Your Bird.”

They also collect food for a local food bank and they have a fun Kiddie K. Please watch, run a local turkey trot next year and send me your Turkey Trot story and pictures

Gobble Focused, Steve Mackel – Co-founder

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