Catalina Marathon Results

(First time marathoner Sindy powers her way to the finish.
Notice the smile.)

Tremendous Beach Runner success stories at Catalina Marathon.

Gary goes under 4 hours (3:56). WOW. 7th in Age Group (35-39), 2nd in The American Trail Championship for age (Buffalo Half Marathon and Catalina Marathon combined), 12th place OVERALL in trail championship, and has best race of life. “I trained hard for this race, and peaked at just the right time. The Power Yoga practice has made me much much stronger for races. ”

Steve makes remarkable comeback from back injury, does a 4:32, 7th in American Trail Championship (age group 40-44), and has best marathon of his life. Steve has his running mojo working again.

Doug and Mina come in with impressive times of 5:07, but more importantly, get engaged on the course at mile 23 🙂 Mina has a gorgeous ring which many runners got to enjoy the last the three miles. Our first Beach Runners engagement and we wish them the very best for their future.

Sandy finishes her first marathon ever with an impressive 5:16. Made huge strides in hill running, downhill running, and trail speed. Just ran her first half marathon this year so has a bright bright running future ahead. member Mark overcomes a rough start to finish with a 5:34. Already run three marathons this year including Miami, Los Angeles, and Catalina. Mark is like the energizer bunny.

Keith completes his 26th marathon with a strong comeback time of 5:35. First trail marathon. Keith had given up marathoning due to injuries but has returned in strong form with the help of ChiRunning and yoga.
Bill finishes with a 5:54 (Age group 60-64). Loved the course and views but got a little beaten up on the downhills. Still, I’m so impressed with guys his age running courses this hard. He said he would finish under 6 hours and thats what he did. Two watches help.
Sindy finishes her first marathon with a time of 6:12. Sindy had the support of her daughter and best friend at the finish. Sindy has been such a big believer in the Beach Runner training program, is so supportive of everyone, has so much youthful energy and passion for yoga and running. We love you so much Sindy.

Long time Beach Runner Rubi has a smile across her face loving the course, the training, the coaching, everything with a time of 6:17. Rubi always has the best attitude and smile every time I speak to her about running. She has now completed four marathons.
A.J comes strong to the finish line with a 7:19. Got to really talk to A.J. for the first time and adored your humor, your toughness, and determination. You ran that last mile with amazing gusto.

I want to congratulate Kristin for reaching the podium on the 10K. Thanks to Loni, John, Dave, Caroline, Laura for coming out to do the 10K and support us. It made a big difference for us out on the course.

Thank you Beach Runners for making this weekend one of the best times of my life. I’m so proud of all of you. This was a true pleasure to coach you on the trails of Palos Verdes/San Pedro in our training. Thanks for believing in yourselves enough to sign up for this difficult marathon. Now you’ve done it, you see why we were so excited about this race. I think this marathon was a life changing experience for you like it was for me last year.

The best part of the marathon was making a whole weekend of it. Like hanging out with everyone the night before, watching everyone cross the finish line, celebrating at our house, celebrating out on the town, going dancing. We did a lot. That was so much fun.

Catalina might be the best marathon and certainly one of the toughest in the United States. To finish that marathon was quite the accomplishment. I’m so proud of everyone.

Now you see why Steve and I love doing this type of race.

“Hard Races in Beautiful places.” We want to make this our race philosophy.

I’ll post my full race report up later this week. Sorry but no Runcast from me about the marathon. I was in full race mode that day. So didn’t have the time to mess around with a camera. I was aiming for a fast time, which I did accomplish…to finish under four hours at Catalina is a gratifying running accomplishment. I’m proud of myself for taking this race so seriously.

Steve is busy editing his first RunCast. So you will all see the first Steve Mackel RunCast in the next few days. We’re hoping for many other run reports from everyone that ran.

So check back the next few days. For more good Catalina reports, pictures, movies…

you know how we roll around here.



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