Catalina Marathon 2007 – One of My First Race Videos, One of My Favorite Races started January 1, 2006. Gary Smith and I wanted to produce as much video content as possible. Way back then video was just starting to happen. The picture was usually very pixelated. None of this HD or full screen stuff. The tiny little video window was almost depressing but we knew it would improve quickly. Even in it’s old format it looks better today than when I first posted it.

It was originally posted on Blip.TV but I recently found out they deleted the file. I had to go back to my oldest hard drive, a whopping 160 GB. I felt lucky to find it. The format is original 2007, iMovie 6.

In 2007, the Catalina Marathon ran out of space on the morning boat from Avalon to Two Harbors so we had to charter a slow, cold fishing boat. We met some great people as we spent almost 2 hours on that boat getting to the starting line. It was foggy until we got to mile 16. I can’t even explain the beatuy of the island or the feeling running into Avalon for the first time you do this race. No buffaloes that year, just the race of my life, across the island, a super challenging course, struggling up the hills and flying down hill. I knew I had accomplished something, I ran a 4:33:08. The Catalina Marathon isn’t always about your finishing time but the fact you finished. A must do race.

Back then the Sole Runners were the Beach Runners. That explains all the Beach Runners shirts. You can see some of our long time Sole Runners and mentors like Bill, Keith and John. Kristen came 3rd in her AG in the 10k.

This is just another part in my Catalina Marathon series as I get psyched for the race this March.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – 5 Time Catalina Marathon Finisher


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