Came to Believe

My Birthday poem…

On this birthday I look out
at the landscape of my life

And have come to believe

Belief in myself yes
Born from miles of sweaty
bike paths and dusty trails

Belief from marathons when
my God and my breath would
protect and push me through
the last tough steps

Belief from ultramarathons where
the call of birds chirping celestial
tunes sang me on for mile mile mile

But here tonight
I talk of a much stronger faith

For a young man who spent so
much time running alone

And traveling alone from Morrocco
to bookstores in Paris to Ancient Ruins
of Monte Alban to the Buddhist halls of Angkor Wat

Here I found the belief
that has so eluded me

A belief your fellow spirits along this fitness journey

Fellow travelers on long bike paths
Comadres in our own little fitness revolution

Belief in the power of a dirt trail
to heal any scars of a 405 work week

Believers in the Truth to bubble up
from the sweat of a yoga mat

Believers in thinking BIG
thinking impossible
thinking yes I CAN do it
knowing with our unity
anything is possible


Believers in building the Kingdom of Heaven
in this earth in this group with these people
Believers in each other that with
God’s love and God’s guidance

And God’s will for us
And your encouragement for each other
And the cheers of our families

And the majesty of a fall sky above us
And with us running hand in hand
with this family with this love with this belief


(especially 26.2 miles)



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