Calf, Soleus and Achilles Tendon Stretches in All Three Planes of Movement

I’ve been getting so many questions about calves, and lower leg injuries I thought I put up a video I made about 18 months ago that made it on MarathonTraining.TV but not on

I do these stretches everyday and try to always do them just before my runs. What a difference they make!

The truth is the rolled up towel method doesn’t work as well as a slant board, not even close but it is a place to start and slant boards are $60 – $100 on-line. You could probably make one for $15 if you buy the materials and it would take you an hour.

This video honestly could change your running by reducing potential injuries and you’ll probably feel better. And remember, anytime you stretch you should stretch in all three planes of movement.

Stretch Focused, Steve Mackel – RRCA Marathon Coach


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