Blazeman Update

Jon Blais “Blazeman” was the first ALS patient to complete an Ironman race. “This is where you’ll win the battle… in the playhouse of your mind.” In Strength and Honor – Blazeman

Below is an update on Jon’s condition from his father. I’ve never met Jon, I’m just following his progress. He should be a hero for all endurance athletes. He’s a hero for me. I’ll keep you informed. Train Focused – Steve Mackel, Follower

To all!

A brief note of thanks from Mom and Dad, this was an extremly difficult week for -blazeman, that may sound a little strange, every week is difficult, for that matter each day presents itself with a different set of complications, Jon is such a fighter that somehow we tend to overcome them, we are mindful that no one has ever beaten ALS and neither will -blazeman. For now, suffice to say that -blazeman is returning home from the hospital one more complication(battle) ALS associated won, I believe he heard your call and refused to give in, many of you had the -blazemans’back.

This evening we will take Blazeman Warrior, Karen Duffys’ advice, we will watch BRAVEHEART, we’ll hear William Wallaces’ call of FREEDOM, and remember the reason your doing it is—“So Others May Live”.

“The rest of those who have gone before us can not steady the unrest of those to follow”, finding Forrester.

Strength and Honor:

-blazemans’ family

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