Base Training Paying Off Big Time As Race Season Approaches

Steve Giving A Pre-Race Talk to the Beach Runners

One more long run to go before I start my taper for the Catalina Marathon. Last Saturday was one of those days we all hope to have, experiencing the fruits of our labors. Four months ago I was told long distance running may be a thing of my past. I had severely herniated a disc in my lower back and could barely move. My left leg and foot was numb. I didn’t know what to do at first and found myself in a desperate place. I had to re-focus.

The first thing I did was surrounded myself with the best doctors and experts I could find. I researched my injury and talked to people that were dealing or had dealt with a herniated disc. Surgery was my last option. I knew I could come back, and be my own best success story.

Last Saturday I felt like I had written the second to last chapter in my first book about recovery, no surgery. I ran 20-miles. I ran them slow and safely. I ran them with the Beach Runners and the mutual support was awesome. It was not a race and it took me 3:45:00. I was probably running at a 5 hour marathon pace. I was thankful and honestly a little surprised how well I did and felt. This is another testament to my training with Coach Ilg’s, Wholistic Fitness and the ChiRunning® techniques. By Monday I comfortably ran 4 miles with an athlete I train, taught two indoor cycling classes and a yoga class.

So, this weekend is the Pacific Shoreline half and full marathon. The Beach Runners will be out there in force and I am thinking of adding it to my race schedule, just as a fun day running with people I like and care about. I want to cheer some of the new Beach Runners in as they will complete their first half marathon. Just another Sunday for a member.

I have to mention that this injury has given me the opportunity to really listen to my body and bring the intensity down. This has been the best base training months of my athletic career.

Now I will continue my rehab, keep this attitude of gratitude and listen to my body. If we don’t see you out there this Super Bowl Sunday, Join Gary and I in Catalina Saturday, Feb. 10, for the Buffalo Run, half marathon. By the way, the final chapter will be completing the Catalina marathon Saturday, March 17. members and friends get discounts to these races!

Base Training Focused, Steve Mackel ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor


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