ActiveWrap – Your Cold and Heat Therapy Solution


If you do not own some type of cold and heat therapy system, as an endurance athlete, you are missing the boat. Let’s face it, a bag of ice or frozen peas are fine but once you have a product that is complete and reusable life becomes that much easier. I found an awesome product, local company ActiveWrap makes an exceptional product that many of my runners are already using. Visit ActiveWrap’s web site CLICK HERE I personally love these wraps for my knees and currently for my back as well.

I stumbled on to this product a year and a half ago. Being an endurance athlete coach, I see all sorts of injuries. In fact, many of us will deal with some type of injury this year that may or may not be running or sports related. My philosophy is deal with it right away. Don’t wait and try to figure it out. Of course you should always seek the advice of a quality health care professional but paying immediate attention to an injury until you can get in to see your doctor can play a major role in healing. If it is a major injury get to the hospital but if it is one of those little minor, nagging injuries I usually start with icing the area. This helps reduce inflammation and usually helps alleviate some of the symptoms. ActiveWrap does the job better. Check them out ActiveWrap and the article below on Achilles Tendonitis written by SoCalRunning member Shawn Hicklin P.T.A.


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