9 Hours and 46 Minutes Later

Steve and Lucy
Steve and Lucy Pose at the Starting Line of the Tahoe Rim Trail 50k

If you scroll down you can look at the elevation chart, but what it doesn’t show you is that over 32.2 miles (33.9 on a fellow runner’s Garmin) there are hardly any flat spots on the course. We were going up an down with an average grade of 10%. I forgot to mention between 6800 – 9000 feet of altitude, spending a majority of it close to 8000 feet.

This was Lucy’s first ultra-marathon. She trained for it but until you run this race you don’t realize how the combination of steep climbs and decents at altitude can effect you. I felt it.

I was running this with Lucy, at her pace. I remember thinking when we were 7 hours into the race, this is the longest I have ever been out on a course and I knew I still had close to 3 hours to go.

The last 7 miles are mostly downhill and by this time your quads feel every step while you are trying to get to the finish. It was hot, in the high 80’s. Every step was worth it. Not only finishing my second ultra-marathon, the beautiful course but sharing the experience with my close friend.

A Runumentry video is on the way. You’ll want to watch it for the beauty alone. This was then most beautiful course ever; wide open alpine meadows, wildflowers, lakes, trees and spectacular views.

In the end, this is a difficult yet good first ultra-marathon. There is a 14 hour cut-off time, so most will finish. 9 hours and 46 minutes later I took my shoes off, put my feet in a bucket of cold water and sent a thank you out to all the volunteers. This race had the best aid stations ever and I gave me a very memorable experience. Thanks Lucy.

Lucy Crosses the Finish Line

Train Focused, Steve Mackel ChiRunning® Instrcutor


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