Palos Verdes Marathon 2008

I Finally posted my Palos Verdes Marathon 2008 video.Palos Verdes Peninsula is in Los Angeles, CA. The race starts in San Pedro and runs along the coast. The race day was May 19th.

This was a fantastic race. It had a small field of runners.

The views were fantastic as you can see.

I highly recommend doing this marathon.

Here is the website for the marathon.

Gary Smith
Chi Running Instructor


One Response to “Palos Verdes Marathon 2008”

  1. Jeffzinho on July 8th, 2008

    I first ran PV in 1968, have run it a number of times since, and ran the Big 40 in May as well. Thanks for the video. It hasn’t changed much over the years.

    I’m a bit envious that you seemed to enjoy yourself so much out there. I was really suffering because of the heat, and I had a hard time just finishing this time out.