Catalina Redemption!!!

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On February 9th at the 12.5 mile mark of the Catalina 1/2 Marathon Buffalo Run, I started to wobble. Disoriented, I nearly passed out. Before any blackout, I held onto a white fence and slowly placed myself onto the ground. What happened? What was wrong? An ambulance came and picked me up. I was out of it, really thirsty, had low blood pressure, and could barely breathe. I was hooked up to a saline IV and rushed to the hospital. There I received two more bags and drank about a half gallon of water. The doctor said I was dehydrated. There I was in Catalina, a blogger of proper hydration when running long distances in the heat, hooked up to an IV. A truly humbling moment.

After I was released from the hospital I began to walk down the street. I traffic officer asked me why I was walking. I told him I was just released from the hospital. He knew who I was, one of two people sent to the hospital for dehydration. He told me the finish line was a half mile away. I saw a person running down the street. I realized that I could still finish this thing even though I’d been in the hospital for over an hour and a half. I jogged past the woman remembering it is a Beach Runner duty to pass someone. I jogged past the finish line. A woman gave me my lapel pin and said, “Now that is dedication…jogging through the finish line with IV bandages after you leave the hospital.” My time over 3:33. Of course many Beach Runners enjoyed teasing me about my collapse. I guess that is what one gets when taking on challenges and pushing oneself to the brink…or in this case surpassing the brink.

So why did I collapse? Simple answer is that my body said NO MORE. But why, I had pushed myself harder during the summer to prepare for the Long Beach Marathon. Why now, why Catalina’s Buffalo Half Marathon? I guess I’ll never know, but I do know what was going on in my life and I do know that all variables together may be the reasons. So what happened after my PR and first marathon at Long Beach? To Read The Rest Of This Article Click Here

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