More Podium Spots for ChiRunners

Steve, Christy and Bruce finished on the podium in the Run for the Hungry 5k

Today was Bruce’s day. He PR’d with a 19:44. It is always cool when you get faster as you get older. We always run this race as compeitiors and he finished 3rd in his AG (Age Group). We are the same age, born in the same year. This year I moved up in AG because his birthday is in December. We both won podium sopots in different AGs. Next year we will be competing against each other again. He beat me today with a stellar performance. He’s also in a tougher AG. Maybe I’ll get him next year.

I finished 44th overall and came in 2nd place in my AG (Age Group)

Keeping with Coach Ilg’s “Earn Your Bird” Thanksgivings day workout tradition, we woke up early and raced. ChiRunner/Beach Runner, Christy also found a podium spot with her first ever 3rd place finish. I finished 2nd in the older men’s group with a 20:22. It was a beautiful day with lots of great people. We gave cans of food for the local food bank and the race raised money for the La Canada/Flintridge Community Center. Put a Turkey Trot on your calendar next year or make it an annual event.

Another mission accomplished. Race Focused, Steve Mackel – ChiRunning Instructor

A Family Affair


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  1. Gary on November 23rd, 2007

    Congratulations Steve and Christy.

    I’m proud of you both