37 Miles in 37 Hours – 21 Miles Down 16 to Go

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Sometime things just lay out in front of you and you realize you should give it a try. I just had a long talk with Peter of the LA Marathon and we were talking about qualifying for Boston the the importance of tempo runs. 4 – 8+ miles around 30 – 45 seconds faster than race pace. So that's what I did 4 miles at 7:15 min/mile pace. I had run a fast 4 miles on the Thursday Night Trail Run.

This morning I woke up early to help pace Barry who is training for Ironman Canada. We were going to run 9 min/miles for 2.5 hours. I figured we should get about 17 miles in. Then I realized I am running 2 hours and 40 minutes with the Sole Runners tomorrow (Saturday) morning, probably a little slower. I'm hoping for 16 miles.

That will make 37 miles in right around 37 hours. It sounds cool so I'm posting my Garmin data from this morning for you to check out as I take on this quest. I would have posted last nights data too but my Garmin battery didn't have a strong enough charge and quit on me when I started. Thanks to Richard who lent me his 201 but I don't have that data. Tomorrow I'll post the last 16. Please go easy on my as you watch the pace slow down, remember I'm working and I have to work with a lot of runners but I will be watching my Heart Rate. Plus, this is great training for my next ultra.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Certified Chi Running® Instructor


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