Mt Baldy Run to the Top and Conquer the Bridge – This Monday Labor Day 2014

Mt. Baldy Run to the Top

Conquer the Bridge 5. 3 Miler

What are you doing this Monday? There are two great races: Mt Baldy Run to the Top and Conquer the Bridge 5.3 Miler

Mt Baldy Run to the Top is a 7 mile climb starting at 6,000 and goes up to 10,064 feet elevation. Once at the top you still have to walk down 4 miles to the chairlift to get a ride to the parking lot. Here’s my Garmin data from last year. Click “View Details” on the bottom right of the frame below for all the details. This race is very challenging.

Conquer the Bridge is a 5.3 mile run from San Pedro over the Vincent Thomas bridge, out a short way, and back over the bridge to San Pedro. Another challenging race

Both these are super fun and a good test of your conditioning. They usually don’t sell out but check their web sites so you can register race day. I’ll be back up at Mt Baldy this year.

Have Fun and Race Focused, Steve Mackel, Master ChiRunning Instructor