Welcome to the ING New York City Marathon – Get a Marathon Training Program

Here’s the first of the videos that were shot in Central Park. It is the welcome video and talks about training programs. Like I mention in the video, a training program is essential for your success in your marathon. Whether you are training for the ING New York City Marathon, Long Beach, Chicago, Marine Corp or another, get on a program. Remember, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”

7 years ago I created the Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs. Thousands of runners have successfully completed marathons and half marathons using these programs. I offer, private, on-line and group marathon training programs. To run with our group in Long Beach go to SoleRunners.net To get private coaching with me email me at Steve@SoCalRunning.com If you live out of the area but want to take advantage of the Sole Runner’s ON-LINE / VIRTUAL TRAINING PROGRAMS CLICK HERE

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs Head Coach

Coach Steve Mackel Selected as Host for ING New York City Marathon

Here’s a video introducing me to the ING Runner’s Nation through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a host for this year’s ING New York Marathon, Class of 2012.

What is the ING Class of 2012?

Four runners, picked to represent this years marathon runners, and I’m one of them. They are calling us the “Hosts” of the Class of 2012. This program starts Tuesday, July 10, as a promotion and service to prepare runners for the ING New York City Marathon and runners everywhere.

The Hosts represent a wide group of runners. The four of us represent different types of runners, from a clydesdale, to a foodie, to a NYC local and me. We will be giving training tips and talking about the race in short videos over the next four months. We all agree that a big part of the marathon is having fun training and racing. There will be some funny videos too. Follow and watch all of us. “Like” at ING Runner’s Nation on Facebook

Monica Olivas, in the front, has completed 6 marathons and many half marathons. She is a full time blogger when she wants to be, and has a big following on Facebook and Twitter. She writes about running and food, two of my favorites. Check out her blog: http://RunEatRepeat.com

David DeNeire, second row on the left, is our resident Clydesdale runner. He is a great guy and did every Rock ‘n Roll full and half marathon last year. I think that’s about 26 races, mostly in the US but also in Europe. http://RunLikeaClydesdale.com

Jen Turner, second row on the right, is a fitness specialist. She teaches all sorts of fitness classes, she is a runner, triathlete and lives in New York City. She gives you the local run down. Her blog is: http://JenniferTurner.com

Then there’s me. I’ll be posting all sorts of training tips and I am going to post a lot of my training data. You’ll see my heart rate runs, track workouts, and I’ll discuss my cross training.

Remember “Like” us at ING Runner’s Nation on Facebook Content is released daily.

This is the first time they are doing this program. Here’s where I need your help. Please watch the videos on Facebook or YouTube.com and “Like” it. If it goes well they may do it again next year and who knows who the new class members could be, maybe you.

Use these links are below, and after Tuesday, July 10, you’ll have to scroll down to find my introduction video, because they are releasing videos daily:


What is ING Runner’s Nation? http://www.facebook.com/INGRunnersNation

The ING Runner’s Nation is a supporter of runners everywhere. ING Runner’s Nation is happy to provide an interactive forum for runners, to learn, engage, and share your stories about running. Put this all together with the ING New York Marathon, the largest marathon in the world, and we are building a way for more people to finish successfully.

And please check out the other Hosts videos. David, Monica and Jen are all super cool people.

Let me know if you are running the ING New York City Marathon and we’ll have a beer together after the race.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – ING Class of 2012 Host

Happy 4th of July from SoCalRunning.com

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday! You get it all: running races, hot dog eating contests, Tour de France, parties, food, beer, friends, family, fireworks, summer sales, America, red white and blue. And, all these bring us all together as one country, one people, for liberty and justice. I love being an American.

Celebrate Focused, Steve Mackel, Sole Runners Head Coach – Full and Half Marathon Training Programs