Palos Verdes Half Marathon 2012

I love this race. It is truly a local race that benefits local schools and kids. It is also one of the cheapest half marathon in So Cal. It is put on by the Rolling Hills Estates Kiwanis Club and has been so for 45 years. This year they hosted a half marathon and 5k. It is also the second year I made this part of the Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge, the first of two half marathons in two consecutive days. The other is Pasadena.

From now on I am going to refer to this race as Big Sur South. It has the views and the hills. This year’s weather was perfect and they changed the starting direction of the race which was an improvement. This race will be on my 2013 schedule. Check it out. Below are my stats.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Certified ChiRunning®


Tips for Running Up Hills with Sole Runners Head Coach Steve Mackel

Since I am racing the Wildflower Triathlon Long Course this weekend I went into the archives and pulled out a video with tips for running up hills. Wildflower is considered one of the tougher half ironman courses. The run portion is almost all up or down hill running. Whether you are racing in a triathlon, marathon, half marathon, 5k or just training for a race, these simple techniques will make those hills that much easier. Run hills smart, not hard.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel, Triathlon Coach