Palos Verdes Marathon 2011 Video and Race Review

Many people might not know it but the Palos Verdes marathon is part of running history. It is the 2nd longest continuous running marathon in the United States, next to Boston. It is hard to believe it that the west coast, let alone Palos Verdes, owns that distinction. This year featured the new “flatter, faster” course. We should have known, there are no flat places in Palos Verdes. They also had to double the course for the marathoners. The half marathon definitely pulls a majority of the crowd. The full marathon is only a few hundred runners so it gets a little lonely but the views help the miles move by quickly.

This is a home grown race with very reasonable entry fees. Their profits go to local charities because of the work of the Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates. There are so many reason to support this race. It is on my yearly list but I may go back to running the half.

This year was also special because presented the first ever Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 52.4/26.2 What a warrior event, two tough races in two days. Palos Verdes kicked it off and it was a doosey. Put one of the Palos Verdes races on the calendar next year. See you in 2012.

Challenge Focused, Steve Mackel, RRCA Marathon Coach

Palos-Dean Ultra Challenge this Weekend Still Time to Register – Race Information Below’s Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 52.4 and 26.2 – One Weekend, Two Races, from the Mountains to the Sea




Here we go, We are inside 48 hours before we start the challenge.

Make sure you are registered for both races.

We will have a tent at each Finish Line Festival for you to check out (so we can record your finish) and you can pick up your certificate and Phiten goodies. Look for the Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge signs and Sole Runners banners. That’s our tent.

Friday or Saturday when you go to the Pasadena Expo, stop by the Phiten booth and feel free to ask for VIP service. Tell them that you are a Palos-Dena Challenge runner and they will tape you up and give you some extras to take home.

You can register or pick up your registration materials on site at Palos Verdes or Friday at Dicks. You will need to ride a bus from a parking lot to the start line.

**Important** Please get to the parking areas early. They have lots of buses but the main parking lot is a few miles away from the starting line because there is no parking close to the starting line. The bus ride will take about 15 minutes.

You don’t need to check in (feel free too) but you need to stop by our tent after you finish your races. Saturday, once you finish your race and have cooled down, come over to our tent and pick up your Phiten bag. It has a coupon for a special gift that you can pick up from their store on your way home. You can also get taped up at their store for your Sunday race.

Once you finish Pasadena and cool down, please come to our tent. At that time you will be able to pick up your Phiten necklace. You will have a choice between a 18″ or 22″ necklace. As of now we have 22 challengers and I want to get you the right size shirt. I didn’t know how many shirts and what sizes to print and people are still registering so I will have to print and ship the shirts to each of you after the race. On Saturday make sure we have all the right information.

I want to get some pictures and if you know me, I’ll be taking video. Look for me. Good luck and see you there. Please feel free to email me or call me at 818-414-9181.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Palos-Dena Ultra Challenger Founder

Are you a Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic? Do you want to take the first steps to run an Ultra? Do you want to join our Challenger Club? Here’s a way to do it. Run the Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 52.4 / 26.2 “One Weekend, Two Races, from the Mountains to the Sea”

Saturday May 14 is the Palos Verdes Full and Half Marathon

Sunday, May 15 is the Pasadena Full and Half Marathon

This is the first time that two marathons are being run on the same weekend in Los Angeles (excluding Catalina Island). The Palos Verdes Full and Half Marathon is the second oldest continuous marathon in the country. It is second only to Boston and has beautiful ocean views. The Pasadena Full and Half Marathon is one of the newest marathons in Los Angeles.

Here’s how to join our Ultra Challenge Challenger Club:

Register and complete both marathons or half marathons on back to back days, run 52.4 or 26.2 miles and you are in. It also qualifies you to become a Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic

Here Are the Rules:

  • You must register for the Ultra Challenge and be registered for the Palos Verdes Marathon or Half and the Pasadena Marathon or Half.
  • You must complete your registered race each consecutive day, May 14 and 15, 2011.
  • You must have good a attitude and assume all your own risk.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Commerative Men’s or Women’s specific run shirt
  • Goodie Bag featuring a Phiten Necklace ($30 Value)
  • Challenger Club’s Completion Certificate
  • Bragging Rights

Sole Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Official Summer Training This Saturday



6:45 AM Registration Opens
7:05 AM Training Focus
7:10 AM Body Looseners
7:15 AM Group Run and ChiRunning® Practice
8:15 AM Yoga for all
9:00 AM Done

Official Summer Season — Saturday, May 14th at 7 AM

First Time Sole Runner $160
Alumni Sole Runners $135


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