Boston Marathon Lowering Qualifying Standards in 2013

Time to get faster or don’t slow down and move up in Age Group. I need to do both so 50 doesn’t look that bad after all.

Train Faster, Steve Mackel – Boston on my mind runner

The Boston Athletic Association announced new qualifying times and new registration procedures for the Boston Marathon this morning. Both go into effect for the 2012 and 2013 marathons. In 2012, the BAA will institute rolling admission for qualifiers with the fastest runners being allowed to enter first. The field will be filled with the fastest of all qualifiers.


Then, in 2013, the BAA will lower qualifying times by five minutes across all age groups and both genders. The rolling admission process also will remain in place for 2013 and future marathons, continuing to allow the fastest runners to enter first.The new qualifying times and registration procedures come in response to the 2011 Boston Marathon selling out in a record 8 hours and 3 minutes in October. With the race filling so quickly, thousands of qualifiers were unable to register. After the record sellout, the BAA began reviewing its registration process and researching options to make race entry more fair in the future, not just a sprint to the online registration page. The BAA
believes its new formula is the fairest option that best serves the running community and stays true to the marathon’s history as a race for qualifiers.

BAA Executive Director Tom Grilk, race director Dave McGillivray and Director of External Affairs Guy Morse plan to discuss the new qualifying times and rolling admission procedures at 11: 30 this morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day From

diamond heart love
Happy Valentine’s Day From

On behalf of Gary and I, we would like to wish all of you a very loving Valentine’s Day. What a cute holiday. It puts us guys through the wringer. Women often wait for this day. They seem to know what to do instinctively.

Let’s go back to the days when we were in the first and second grade. We gave Valentine’s Day cards and candy to everyone. It was fun and it taught us that we cared about everyone we were around. We learned about our hearts and how to say something special to the people we love and the people around us. There wasn’t any judgment or assumption on just what that card meant. It meant, “Hi friend, I care and glad you are part of my life.”

Well, that’s what we want to say to all of our members, friends, readers and visitors.

Hi friend, we care about you and are glad you are part of our lives.

Thank all of you for your well wishes and enriching our lives.

Love Focused, Steve Mackel and Gary Smith – Co-Founders

"Natural Running" by Danny Abshire – Interview

I spent a weekend with Danny Abshire founder of Newton Running Shoes and author of the new book “Natural Running – the simple path to stronger healthier running”. Abshire explains how the book and shoes mesh, making running faster and healthier.

After reading this book and learning more about the Newton Running Shoe I am a bigger fan than ever. Now let’s see if my racing times come down so I can post some new PRs. I have some big races coming up in March, April and May. Look for my Newton running shoe reviews coming up soon.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Triathlon Coach

Sycamore Canyon Run with Danny Abshire and Our Newton Running Shoe Crew

Danny Abshire, forunder of Newton Running Shoes, was out in CA promoting his new book Natural Running. I was lucky enough to get to run with him and some other new friends. What I don’t show is all the cool running stories he told us while we ran the first 6.5 miles. The second half of the run was a good push, especially for me. I ended up getting a little over 13 miles in with a 10 minute negative split. Plus, I joined the thousands that ran Super Bowl Sunday morning here in So Cal. Trail Running rocks.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Triathlon Coach