Sole Runners and SCR Member Becomes a Sponsored Athlete with Jamba Juice

Mary, a Sole Runner and Member becomes a sponsored athlete with Jamba Juce. Below is a post taken from Mary’s blog on being selected.

The Green Girl is a proud member of Team Jamba Juice 2010.

Team Jamba Juice is part of the‘s Active Ambassadors program. The Active Network created this program to help connect companies to like-minded consumers. As an Active Ambassador, you have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador and promote products you believe in on a grassroots level.

When I heard Jamba Juice was looking for 100 ambassadors for their 2010 team, I had to apply. I’m convinced I am one of Jamba Juice’s biggest fans. At one point, I even set out to drink every Jamba Juice drink on the menu.

On the application, I let Jamba Juice know as a true back of the packer, I was their biggest bang for their buck. I mean not that many runners are out there on the course as long as me!

A few days after I submitted my application, I received the following email:

Dear Athlete:

Congratulations! We’re pleased to announce that you have been selected to become a member of the 2010 Team Jamba Juice Sponsored Athlete Team.

The selection process was tough, and we thank you for your patience. Your athletic accomplishments and individual interests are a perfect match for the sponsors’ goal of building a dedicated team of athletes who are passionate about their sport and community. Your 2010 goals, past achievements, future motivations, and overall dedication to the sport best demonstrate this commitment.

Shortly after, I received a package in the mail containing the team manual, my Jamba Juice branded apparel, $1 off Jamba Juice coupons, window clings, and tattoos.

As a Jamba Juice Ambassador, I will help promote Jamba Juice’s current campaign, Jamba Juice’s SuperActive Summer powered by Superfruit.

I will also sport my Jamba Juice branded gear when I participate in local events and hand out the coupons, window clings, and tattoos.

I think this will be a great opportunity for me. I’m really excited about this.

Go, Team Jamba!

Adidas Adizero XT Trails – Running Shoe Review

After 300 miles on this shoe, some of those trail races, street miles and trail miles, I love this shoe.

I haven’t used a trail running specific shoe for years. I’ve raced in regular running shoes because trail running shoes have been clumsy, heavy and stiff. Adidas seems to have listened to us trail runners that wanted something lighter, flexible, with feel.

In this video I review this shoe after logging some major mileage in them. Check it out and thanks for watching.

Special thanks to Run With Us Running Shoe Store in Pasadena

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Running Shoe Tester

Wrigley River Run 2010 – Saturday, June 12

The Wrigley River Run is in NW Long Beach and official Sole Runners training run. It is great homegrown 10k/5k race and family friendly with a 1k tadpole trot for the kids.

I took the 5k slow then my camera run out of juice so I had to borrow a camera So, I got to meet a lot of people. The 10k finishes as the 5k starts. Both courses are fast and great races to get your Spring/Summer baseline. Join us next year.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs

Valley Crest Half Marathon – Sunday, June 13, 2010

It was my first time running the Valley Crest Half Marathon. Below is the data from my Garmin.

I grew up riding my bmx bike on dirt Mulholland Dr., now, 35 years later I got to run it. There are few flat spots, but it is a nice wide dirt road. The day was the first hot day of the year and the field had many seasoned runners, so the heat didn’t slow them down.

In this video I interview runners, show the course but by mile 10, I was racing hard trying to catch Marvin. He was able to use his ChiRunning® training to hold me off. I think I finish 4th or 5th in my age group. Not bad for running and filming on a challenging course.

Overall, I had a good race and a great time.

Thanks for watching

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, ChiRunning® Instructor

Run to Vote Today! California State Primary

I’ll make a new video before the the mid-terms in November but this video will do for now. Ok, I don’t expect long lines (due to apathetic citizens) but know who and what you are going to vote for before you go to your polling place. There are also a lot of important propositions on our ballot.

Please remember to Run To VOTE!

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel – US Citizen and Voter

Calf, Soleus and Achilles Tendon Stretches in All Three Planes of Movement

I’ve been getting so many questions about calves, and lower leg injuries I thought I put up a video I made about 18 months ago that made it on MarathonTraining.TV but not on

I do these stretches everyday and try to always do them just before my runs. What a difference they make!

The truth is the rolled up towel method doesn’t work as well as a slant board, not even close but it is a place to start and slant boards are $60 – $100 on-line. You could probably make one for $15 if you buy the materials and it would take you an hour.

This video honestly could change your running by reducing potential injuries and you’ll probably feel better. And remember, anytime you stretch you should stretch in all three planes of movement.

Stretch Focused, Steve Mackel – RRCA Marathon Coach

A Lesson, Lap, Yoga and a Snack – National Running Day

running day

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2, A Lesson, Lap, Yoga and a Snack for National Running Day Event

We’ll meet at 6:30am at the Rose Bowl in the grassy area east of Lot F for a ChiRunning® workshop. Then from 7-7:45am. We’ll run around the Rose Bowl, and from 7:45-8:15am Steve will lead a yoga class! We’ll have morning snacks afterward for all to enjoy. … Feel free to come for the whole time or just for a part of it.

The mission of National Running Day is to designate one national day to promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise.

This initiative aims to:

  • Strengthen a nationwide grassroots movement to get people running
  • Encourage Americans of all ages and fitness levels to get out and run.
  • As more school physical education programs disappear every day, get kids interested in running as a part of an everyday healthy lifestyle.
  • Inspire children of all ages by exposing them to professional runners who know better than anyone the benefits of running.
  • As a sign of participation and to motivate people around them, get people to wear their running shoes to work on June 3.
  • Visit for more information.

    Train Focused, Steve Mackel – ChiRunning® Instructor