LA Marathon 2010

I Love LA – The LA Marathon organizers stepped it up this year with an all new course that truly reflected what LA is all about: Dodger Stadium, Downtown, Sliverlake, Echo Park, Hollywood Blvd., The Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, Beverly Hill and Century City… At least that how far I get in PART 1. LA has a lot of ground to cover in less than 10 minutes for YouTube and I couldn’t do it so, when you finish this video look for PART 2 up soon.

Train Focused, Coach Steve – Head Coach Sole Runners Marathon Training

LA Marathon – Meet at the Lot "L" Ball/Sign at 6:15 AM Sunday Morning


Sole Runners/ Marathon Pre-Race Meeting Area for Body Looseners and Warm-up – Meet at the Lot “L” Ball/Sign at 6:15 AM at Dodger Stadium

We will meet at the Lot “L” Baseball sign at Dodger Stadium at 6:15 AM for Body Loosners and warm-up. that will give you plenty of time to visit the potra-potty, get in your corral or just hang out. Don’t forget to wear “Throw Away” clothes to stay warm before the start.

Coach Steve’s LA Marathon Expo Presentations

You have to pick up your registration packet at the expo. If it is convenient, arrange your schedule so you hear can one of the 40-minute presentations.

Friday, March 19, at 5 pm – Pre Race Visualization

Saturday, March 20, at 11 am – ChiRunning® Basics

LA Marathon and 5k Weekend – This Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Schedule

Wow! It is finally here, new course, new expo, crazy parking issues and it is Sold Out, meaning you get to run with your favorite 25,000 runners. Remember, Dodger Stadium is your home base this year.

LA Marathon Expo Friday, March 19: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday, March 20: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

LA Marathon 5k Saturday, March 20: 9:00 am

LA Marathon Saturday, March 20: 7:24 am

If you a coming to the LA Marathon and want

to find us: Email Coach Steve

Sole Runners/ members Wholistic Aid Station at Mile 18 with Coach Gary

Coach Gary and volunteers will set up an aid station near the AMC theaters at the Century City Shopping Center. He may be a little west on Santa Monica Blvd. He is bringing watermelon, red stuff drinks and more. If you want something you have to wear your Sole Runners shirt or tell him you are a member.

Volunteers needed. To get all this stuff out, set up on the street and to cheer the runners on.

Arrive around 9:15 am, and we should be done around 12:30 pm. It looks like the easiest parking will be in the Century City Shopping Center parking structure. Enter from the south. To reach Coach Gary and tell him you want to help ar reach him race day, call 310-508-7133. Feel free to email him at: If you are interested in sharing phone numbers and I will be carrying my cell phone race day, call me at 818-414-9181. If you bring my phone number with you and you are lost I will tell you where we are. Feel free to email me at:

I’ve been coaching a Team Parkinson group for the 5k on Saturday. Over the last 8 weeks we have been training in Pasadena for the race. Below is a video of our group

Catalina Marathon 2010

This is my video of the Catalina Marathon 2010. I tried to give you a better idea of the course terrain. I know you can look at an elevation chart but I point out many of the hardest hills, how I run the course and how often I walk. I also interview plenty of great people and give you an idea of just some of the views.

This is Part 1 of the Catalina Marathon Weekend. I am working on more interviews and out takes to be posted soon.

Please leave a comment of what you thought of the race.

Race Focused, Coach Steve – Certified ChiRunning® Instructor

My Catalina Marathon Garmin Data

So now I know it is almost 4,000 feet of elevation gain and 4,000 feet of loss over the entire length of the race. When you look at my heart race you’ll probably call me a sandbagger but hey, I was making one of my race movies and interviewed some really cool people.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs Head Coach

Coach Gary’s 2009 Catalina Marathon Part 2

This is the second part of Coach’s Gary’s Catalina Marathon in 2009. It was an amazing weekend with lots of good friends and training partners at Sole Runners. To train with us visit

God Bless, Gary

Coach Gary's 2009 Catalina Video Part 1

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Coach Gary of does the Catalina Marathon with the rest of the gang from Sole Runners

It was my fourth Catalina Marathon and my most enjoyable one.

Thanks to everyone involved for such a wonderful experience.

God Bless,

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Look For Part 2 Tomorrow!

Chinatown's Friecracker 10K, Year of the Tiger 2-28-10

Another great day in So Cal and another great race!

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Co-founder