Coach Ron Jones and The Lean Berets – Start the New Year Off Right with thw 30 x 30 Challenge

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60″> member and

fellow coach Ron Jones is always promoting something to help get people in shape. When I saw this video I had to put it on the site. Look for more from Coach RJ soon here.

Take The Lean Berets 30 x 30 challenge. More at

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – co-founder


Cool Books 2: Inevitable Grace by Piero Ferrucci

Why do people like to run marathons and climb mountains?

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Is there a spiritual side of running?

Well according to Paulo Ferrucci, the answer is yes. This book is about eight paths to happiness and transformation. The author shows how running can be a means to spiritual growth.

Watch Coach Gary Dawson Smith of SoleRunners tell a story about Nasruddin, talk about the book, and lead runners on a rainy day trail running in Los Angeles.

Go live your best!!!! Find a challenge and conquer it! That is the the way of the will.

You can do it!!!!


Tucson Marathon Post Race Comments

I went to Tucson to attempt to qualify for Boston or also known as “BQ.” It is a down hill course late in the year which may be a reason almost everyone at this race has BQ on their mind. It is an entirely different mindset from any other marathon I have ever been at. All the runners look fast and most are.

My race comments are on the video, so below are the things I didn't talk about on the video. The elevation chart doesn't do this race justice. It has some tough sections that the chart doesn't show. It doesn't feel as down hill as the chart makes it look. My Garmin showed the same down hill profile but it seemed flatter. There was a strong headwind in our face that slowed us down and probably cost my friend Bruce his BQ, he mi

ssed by 39 seconds.

Down hill races may be harder than flatter courses. I did some long down hill runs but my legs ran out of energy on race day. Moving around that

night and the next day was difficult. They felt worse than they have felt in a long time, even after longer, “harder” races. In the end, this race became a real test. I just wanted it to be over and I still had 6 miles to go with little leg strength. I walked more than I ran on the way in. It was frustrating and I wanted to quit, but I don't like quitting unless I am going to injure myself. I pushed forward to the end and still ended up with a 4:07 or 4:06 on my Garmin. Click Here to look at my Garmin Stats.

Good race overall but little crowd support and getting back to our cars after the race was a nightmare. It took way too long, so they have to work on that and at least get more buses post race.

Overall, Tuscon was a great place to visit and the course was beautiful, I am into desert scenery. It was a learning experience and I am glad I did it. Lessons were learned, now it is time to get back out there and Train Focused!

Steve Mackel – MarathonTraining.TV Founder


The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could and Big Hill Saturday

Great success on Big Hill Saturday for Sole Runners. We ran to the top of Del Cerro park from the Trump National Golf Course. That is like a three mile uphill!!!!

Sole Runners rocked it.

To motivate everyone I read The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. It is a fantastic book and one of my favorites.

I would like to introduce a lot more cool books to you in the weeks ahead. I love books.

Lots of good nutrition tips in this video


You can get the book at

God Bless,

Coach Gary GoBliss

Marathon Training Tips with Robert Gillanders, PT, DPTs

I shot this video 2 days before running the Marine Corp

s Marathon. I had just met Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT and really liked the direction he takes his athletes. Click Here to Visit His Web Site

In this short interview, Gillanders highlights three points that I will be spending a lot of time on this web site: Hip Strengthening, Core Strengthening and Having Fun.

Check it out

and thanks for watching.

Train Focused,

Steve Mackel, RRCA Certified Marathon Coach